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    Default Long Layover (Phoenix)--thoughts for dinner

    I'm hoping someone has experience with this. I have about a 6 (6:30 pm to midnight) hour layover in Phoenix. Not expecting much to be available that time of night. Was thinking of going into downtown Phoenix for a nice dinner. Other than dealing with security, I can't really forsee any other issues to keep us from doing this. Opinions/advice?

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    Lots of great places to eat in downtown PHX...check out Pizzeria Bianco or The Arrogant Butcher. If you want to continue the Jamaica theme, head to The Breadfruit!

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    We too have waiting 6 plus hours at the PHX airport, brought a lap top and wacthed movies via netflix, did some window shoping and had dinner. No kids with us, so time went by pretty fast. Places to eat and drink should still be open when you frist get there and good news if you leave airport very few people there around midnight when you go back.

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    Rustlers Roost is a Phoenix landmark. It's only minutes from the airport and the views of PHX and the airport are amazing. It's a really fun place for a meal. Check out the website. You can't go wrong going here. This is from a Phoenix resident.

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