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    Default CSS Building Locations

    We're just about ready to book our vacation to CSS in November and are trying to decide which room category to book. I would like to stay in the cliffs, but my husband would prefer to be a little closer to the beach. If we book a 1 bedroom ocean suite, could we request Block D - does that block have 1 bed ocean suites? It looks like Block D is the fewest steps to the beach. Can anyone give me a good description of the layout of the buildings on CSS?? Thanks!!

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    Oooh a memory test... here goes blocks a and b are the beachfront suites so they are off the beach are with the pool and lawn between ( so you can't step from your room onto the sand) if you are looking at the ocean a is to the far left closest to sunset beach. I honestly have not recplection of the whereabouts of c block but yes d would be right at the top of the stairs that lead down to palazina and the beach. The rest go up from there with e and f somewhere between the top and the beach. We stayed in g block and had a great view and honestly although a few times the stairs were killer we would meander around and the walk was a great way to rationalize an extra desert or two. I think had we stayed closer to the beach we may never have experience the peace and tranquility the resort has to offer. Not sure you can request specific blocks, actually pretty sure you can't, so be prepared that unless you get the beach front you may have a hike... however like I said that may not be a bad thing unless you have mobility issues. Look at the map to see specifically where everything is remembering a is loooow and g is up high

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    Yes D block does have one bedroom ocean. We stayed in them the first year we were there. The next year we stayed in an Ocean Veranda, also in D block. We did find that these balconies are smaller than what they are in the other blocks, but it is quite central and that is why we didn't ask for a change. We then went to the beachfront because of my SO's health and breathing problems. I really liked being in D block.

    You can not request a specific area before hand, but if you politely ask at check-in they MIGHT be able to accomodate you. But, please be polite, and know they only have so many rooms in each block, and depending on the day, may not have one available.

    Welcome to CSS

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    A & B on on beach level, C D & E are mid way between beach and the cliffs and F & G are in the cliffs. You would not be able to request a specific block until you arrive so keep that in mind.


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    My only thought is that the bulk of the 1br ocean suites. Think are in block G. That's G for GORGEOUS views! But yesn with more steps. When we have booked verhanda suotes, we have usually been placed in block d or e which were very central on the resort. That said, I love my 1 (ocean suite and even though we are watersports junkies, I don't mind the extra hike. Plus the room is closer to the spa and gym. We talk about going back to the beachfront, but never do. You can ask for blocks when you arrive, but there will be no guarantees. I hope this helps!

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    we stayed in D block last year and had an ocean view suite. Its wasnt all that close to the main beach...but it was closer than other blocks to other parts of the resort that we liked. We ended up really liking the mineral pool by the spa...and the view from that end of the resort. Wherever you will have some benefits to it

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    We've been to CSS 3 times and have stayed in blocks G (1 bedroom ocean suite) and B (beachfront). I believe D block has 1 bedroom ocean suites and also block E. You can request a certain block, or even room, but the resort is under no obligation to honor it. However, we've done it before and they've been very accommodating.

    Here's the description of the building layout for CSS:
    Going from west to east you have:
    Blocks A & B which are at the beach level with a grassy area between them and the beach
    Block C situated behind (above) the Palazzina restaurant and back from the ocean
    Block D is also above the Palazzina but closer to the ocean
    Block E is east of block C & D overlooking the workout pavilion
    Block F is east of block E and contains the lobby
    Block G is on the cliffs north of block F and faces west (you get some nice sunsets from your room)
    There is an elevator on the ocean side of block G that takes you down to the mineral pool, spa and workout pavilion area so you can cut out some walking and stairs there.

    You have picked, what we believe, is the most romantic of all the Couples resorts. You can explore the tropical paradise of the property and find some secluded places to enjoy time together. We hope you have as wonderful of a visit as we've had on each of ours.

    You're welcome!

    Bart & Bug

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    thanks for the infon!! We booked and requested G block - the balconies and views from up in the cliffs are what made me fall in love with the resort in the first place!! My husband has been nice enough to indulge me and says he'll deal with the stairs!! 10 weeks from today we'll be waking up at CSS!!! Can't wait!!

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    Default css rooms

    my wife a I stayed @ css in the spring 2011 we had a -1 Bedroom Beachfront Suite
    it was great, close to the beach beach bar and not far from the pool at the back was the pond, room no# B4 nice rooom bathrooom wifi in room we were on the ground floor and with a walk out patio. close to the resturant for breakfast lunch and dinner food there was very good. if you wanted to go see the band at night go to the games room or go for the fancy resturant up the hill you go.
    If you get a room up on the cliff you would get better views. we loved the 1 Bedroom Beachfront Suite and would not get any other. you trade one off for the other hope this was helpful

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    Thanks so much for the info everyone. My husband and I were married in July but did not have time to take a honeymoon so this is it!! This message board is a wonderful source of information - a true testament to the community that Couples has created!!!

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    melagrant - Congratulations on your marriage!! We are fellow Canadians, from Ontario! We have been to CSS 3 times and are planning on returning twice this winter! It is a very beautiful and romantic resort! If you'd like, send us an e-mail to, and we'll send you lots of information about CSS, and some pictures from our trips so you can see what you have to look forward to!

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