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    Default Looking for Ocean Penthouse with no noise at night. Please help:)

    Myself and hubby have treated ourselves to a fab week at couples sans souci next June. We have booked an Ocean Penthouse, but, reading some reviews, are a little worried that some may be noisy at night. We are not particularly late sleepers and will be recovering from our 4 children and dog! Please could anyone recommend a penthouse which is well away from noise but still with beautiful views? Really want a stress free holiday. Thank you all so much.

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    I don't know how any room at CSS could be noisy except for perhaps the rooms by the lobby, but that would only be for a few hours in the evening and would be done by 10:00pm. But we were in "D" building and loved it. Right in the middle of the resort and so convenient.
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    D14- Steve McQueen suite.....perfect!!!! A lot of stairs though
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    We were first timers at this resort in August and had a Penthouse suite in E block (room E10). I had read before going that E block was a little noisy from being to close to the Ballon Bar and had the same concerns. You did here the music from the bands that played but it was not OVERLY loud as expected. It was actually kinda nice just sitting out on the balcony and listening to it for awhile. Think they only played till about 11pm or so, maybe a little later but not much. Once we went inside and flipped on the TV for a few minutes before bedtime it wasn't that noticable. You can request a room in D block when you check in. If they have one free they will accomadate you. D block is a little further away from the BB but not much. In my opinion I think your still going to hear the music. I'm a pretty light sleeper and after a full day of sun and food and drink, I wasn't having any problem sleeping. Don't worry youself about it. Don't sweat the small stuff. You going to love this place. Beautiful resort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by calgontakemeaway View Post
    D14- Steve McQueen suite.....perfect!!!! A lot of stairs though
    I agree, D-14 is perfect! We didn't have any problem with noise but, then again, we were out most nights until around midnight.
    We also stayed in E-10 and you can hear the music coming from the Balloon Bar (we actually stayed in one night on that trip and enjoyed room service) but, like nova13, we really enjoyed it.
    I guess if you retire early it may be a concern where your room is. "D" building faces the beach (west) and the BB is behind you. "E" building face north and the BB is to your right (east) on the side so there is nothing to block the sound. Entertainment ends aroud 10:00 PM though

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    I don't know what buildings the penthouse suites are in, but we were in a room in G block and we could hear the entertainment on the Balloon bar patio in the evenings. It didn't seem to go too late, and if we shut the door with the AC on we could barely hear it. We kinda liked sitting out on the verandah and relaxing and listening.
    However, if you're really early and/or light sleepers you might want to avoid G block, and even more so F block as that is even closer to the lobby and Balloon bar. You can't request a particular room ahead of time, but if they put you in one in a location you don't like, you can always request a switch. Just tell them you really like quiet.

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