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    Default odd & end questions

    These are just a few questions that I have thought of while we wait for our departure date to arrive.

    1. When discussing our vacation all my Hubby talks about is just spending days laying in a hammock on the beach. I saw that another Couples resort has alot of hammocks in varies locations. What about TI? How available are they and is there any located by the beach?

    2. I thought that I had read somewhere that upon arrival you are required to give them credit card/debit card information. Is this true & if so could you please tell me a little more about it.

    3. I very much enjoy looking at all the beautiful photos from past guests. There are alot of wonderful sunset, water, sand, beaches and wedding photos. How about birds, colorful exotic flowers and fruit trees are these not to be found at TI?

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    1) i can't recall seeing any hammocks on the beach, although i didn't look too closely...

    2)yes, you give your credit card, i believe they will preauthorize a charge of 300 on it for incidentals (not a charge, just a "hold" if you will)... there is no cash spent on the resort, everything is charged to the room... at the end of your stay, they will settle the bill with the credit card you have on file...

    3) CTI has a lovely "garden" area with tropical trees, folliage, flowers and birds... over by the spa there are a couple of large (caged) parrots, who love smooties! do make sure to sign up for the romance rewards program and do a "trading places" day... take the trip over to CSS to get a fix of the tropical jungle like settings... or you can go on an off property excursion to the portland (port antonio) area.. it's phenomenally beautiful in a junglesque setting set with the blue mountains in the background... lovely...

    hope that helps some

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    Hi Tara and David,

    There are no hammocks at TI. They use to have these huge swings in the garden section that were great to lay in at night time and listen to the sounds, but from what I've heard they're gone since the remodel (we will be going back in 2 weeks so I'm not 100% sure on that but I'm sure someone else will comment who's been there more recently).

    You do have to leave a debit/credit card for a hold, in case you were to charge to the room (spa, gift shop, etc) however you can settle with cash when you leave.

    I haven't been there in 5 years so I'm having trouble remembering the wild life and flowers, but from memory they do have beautiful grounds, and lots of tropical flowers.

    When will you be at TI?

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    I'm fairly certain that all of the Couples resorts offer a guided "garden tour" of the resort a few times a week. At SweptAway, we've done this a few times and always enjoy it and highly recommend it.

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    1 - when we went last year, there were two hammocks in the garden (one was broken) and one hammock on the island. Suppose if you want to be in the hammock by the water, you will need to go to the island, if its still there. We missed the swings from years past.

    2 - they took a credit card, but I never saw a charge on it.

    3 - they do have garden tours, which was a highlight. Highly recommend.

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    First off thank you for your replies to my message. I think I have a problem here. When I told my Husband there was no Hammocks at TI he was very disappointed (to say the least). He thinks it is absolutely crazy that a resort would not have Hammocks to relax in. That being said he is now even talking about switching Resorts. I feel so bad because that is what he had his heart set on doing while we were vacationing. I think it is kind of funny that he can be so upset about it, but on the other hand I want him to be able to do the things he enjoys as well. Whats a women to do???
    To hammock or not to hammock....that is the question!

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    Try CSA, there are hammocks on the beach and the atrium suits have them on their verandas. Swept Away ROCKS! The beach is the best on Jamaica. Saving for trip #5 to CSA and #6 to Ccouples

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    If he has his heart set on a hammock on the beach, then I suggest CN. There are several hammocks available.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Lots of hammocks at CSA!

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    I am almost positive that when we were there last spring, I saw a hammock in the garden area on the way to walk to the Spa. As you walk towards the Spa it would be on the right hand side. Check it out.

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