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    Default Calling Cards/CTI

    I've searched and found old threads from last year stating there are no calling cards available at the gift shop at CTI. Has anyone been there recently that purchased a gift card while at CTI? I have a 3 year old I am going to want to check in with a few times, and won't be able to use Skype or a cell phone.

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    We were at CTI last week and found it cheaper to use the hotel phone to call and check in on the kids. It's $1 per minute for calls to the US. We only called twice, keeping total charges to about $10-15, and emailed to check on them at other times. If you don't bring your laptop to email you can use the internet room at the resort.

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    If you bring your laptop, use skype, it is very low cost.
    Irie Mon

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    Default phone card

    The best thing we found to do was have a time pick out where they call you.. NO CHARGE

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