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    Default Swept Away in April

    Hi All,
    We have booked to go back to CSA on April 20th for 2 weeks. Anyone been in April and can tell us what kind of weather to expect please?

    Many thanks in advance,

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    We go every year in April - the weather is perfect!
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    We've been end of march and april a couple of years. The weather is lovely, and depending on when you go, there are sometimes absolute herds of white and yellow butterflies that hover over the beach - they're really pretty, although the locals I think don't like them so much because they tend to get squashed on car windshields, etc....but since I'm not driving there, I can appreciate their beauty!!

    We had the typical brief afternoon showers, but other than that, the weather was fabulous! Not too much humidity, and not overly overly hot either.


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    we have been to Swept Away in April the past 5 years. weather is warm to hot at times and just great. some afternoon rains on some trips. nothing to mention at all on others. it is all good mon. you will love being at Couples in April.


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    Hi Randy,
    Just noticed from the Team CSA thread you will both be there for a while during our stay. Look forward to meeting you both.

    Lyn (ETF)

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    We have been to CSA twice in April and once in July. We are booked for April 2010. April is our favorite time to go! We get a price break and the weather is great.

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    Lyn, April soon come mon. cya there.


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