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    Default COUPLES CTI - First timer - thank you post-ers!

    My husband and I just booked our first of hopefully many trips to Couples CTI for May 2012 - I wanted tp thank all of you who post comments to everyone's questions/concerns, whether small, large, silly, etc. By reading the message board, I knew Couples was the place for my husband and I, and I have never felt more confident in booking a vacation to a place I have never been before. Can't wait!

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    You'll have a wonderful time!! But I warn you - it won't come cheap..... once you've been 'home' it keeps calling you'll be a 'repeater' before you know it!!!

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    Congrats sarahlishy and isnt it the most wonderful feeling to book a hotel and know in your heart that you have made the best decission and never look back once? We are booked for Dec of 2012 and I have really been at piece with myself knowing that we could not have picked a better place, now I wont say I have been at piece with myself on the countdown!!! hahahahaha You're gonna have a great time!!!

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    Congratulations sarahlishy! My husband and I just booked our (delayed) honeymoon to Couples CTI for May, 2012 as well. I've already started a countdown app haha. And like you mentioned, thank you to all the posters for answering questions, posting reviews, etc. I've been stalking the boards for awhile but now that we're officially booked I had to post! So very excited

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    We are going to May for our honeymoon also! We are going May 5-10th. when are you going?

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    kylesarahbalk, congrats on the honeymoon! I'm counting down the days! We will be there May 7-12.

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    We are going May 3-10! We will all have to meet up!

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    Welcome to the Couples family and CTI. I have read your posts and I know you had some reservations (pardon the pun), but go with the thought that you are going to enjoy YOUR vacation with YOUR significant other and you will not be disappointed. Disappointment comes from grandiose expectations. CTI is Beautiful, CTI is Romantic, CTI is Relaxing, CTI is Tropical, and most of all CTI Staff is AMAZING. Plan on being catered to, chairs pulled out at dinner with napkin laid in your lap. Plan on being called M'lady, plan on seeing bright smiles as you get off the bus, whether from Byron, Emroth or Everald. They definitely make a great first impression. We can't wait until we return.
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    Maybe we will have to meet up and have a drink or something!

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    We should definitely meet up! Can't wait to get there!

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