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    I never thought I would go on a tropical vacation and eat soup everyday and love it, but last March at CSS I did and am still dreaming aboout them. I know many of them had pumpkin and squash and all of them had a little kick but now that weather is getting a bit cooler hear in New England those soups are all I can think about. Does anyone have any of those delicious soup recipes to help me beat this chill and bring me back to Jamaica in spirit?????

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    couples might actually do things properly, their soups WERE delicious... but this is how i (and every jamaican that i've seen cook soup) flavour our soups

    guess the rest isn't a recipe but more about the ingredients you buy, some might be harder to find in your area

    get a BIG pot

    start with a protein... (chicken, beef, goat or whatever lol).... cut into small pieces and boil bone in for about an hour... similar to making any other soup... while it's boiling you can start peeling and chopping.... soup is a lot of work lol

    in order, i add

    cho cho (also called Chayote) - peel and core and chop the "flesh" up...

    carrots... chopped

    onion/scallion - chopped

    a few spices (salt, pepper, maybe a little all seasoning... nothing too much since the soup mix really takes care of most of the flavourings)

    dumpling (these are just flour and water and a bit of salt, but most jamaican soups have them )

    irish potato (that's our regular potato)...

    jamaican sweet potato (they have the purpley skin and white "flesh") peel, chop and add about midway thru

    jamaican yam (yellow yam)... peel wearing gloves... if you touch the wrong part it can make you very itchy and give a rash... chop... yam is cooked perfectly after about 35 min so try to time it right...

    pumpkin (these are NOT the same ones as you use for halloween, i looked up the name and they are technically called calabaza )... peel and add these very close to the end, they mash out easy

    that's about it that i'd put in a soup..

    about 10 min after you add the pumpkin, add the soup mix ( i usually use 2 packs for a big pot of soup, one of them is always a pumpkin beef regardless of what soup i'm making!) boil for another 10 min or so and it should all be good that's how i make soup at least and hubby says my soup is GOOD :P lol (i'm not jamaican, but he is!) ... planning on making soup this weekend myself... beef ..

    hope that helps some... as i said, not a recipe per say... and the soup mix is really cheating, but i've not seen soup made without it lol ... might be tricky to find some of the ingredients in your area.. if you have an asian grocer, you can probably find many/most there... do a quick google searh and just familiarize yourself with the way things look since they are often called different names... i'm lucky to live in a highly ethnic area, so it's easy to find what i need for soup...

    alternately.. if you have a jamaican restaurant in your area, do go in and see what the soup of the day is.. two points to note 1) ask if there are any feet in it... (if eating foot would bother you... cow foot and chicken foot soup rotate on most true jamaican menus) 2) if they tell you it's "goat soup", ask if it's mannish water... if it's mannish water, consume at your own risk LOL (i won't get graphic, but it's usually made with a billy, or "man" goat if you get what i'm saying LOL)... mannish water is very popular around christmas time and at weddings/funerals...

    soup is almost a tradition in jamaica (i never cared for eating hot soup on a hot day, but you get used to it after awhile... i lived down there for 7m and ate ( or drank as they say) soup 2x a week...i think soup on a saturday is almost a given in many jamaican households lol

    can you tell it's almost lunch time?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by courtromo View Post
    I never thought I would go on a tropical vacation and eat soup everyday and love it, but last March at CSS I did and am still dreaming aboout them.
    Oh my goodness! This "Newbie" has been in contact with Marnie (a longtime Couples fan) with loads of questions, and the one thing she has made clear to me:
    ~ "Always order the Soup!!!" ~

    Looking forward to the Culinary Experiences

    BTW ~ just an assumption, (but you know the saying) ~ are the house-wines available chosen to compliment the entrees at Couples Resorts? Just wondering, if anyone can comment, which countries they are from and whether they are quite decent ~ not that we're connoisseurs ~ lol !


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    We sat with Dwight, the Food & Beverage Manager of CSS, last Thursday night at the Repeaters Dinner. He told of of this website....!/pages/Co...77151708975448

    He posts pictures of food served at the weekly Repeaters Dinner and said we could contact him thru the above link whenever we have questions or would like recipes. We had a great time getting to know Dwight!
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