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Thread: Nov 8-14th

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    Default Nov 8-14th

    My husband and I are going to CN this week to celebrate our 15thanniversary! We are looking forward to making some new friends! Anyone else going to be there this week?

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    We will be there Nov 8-14 also. Always enjoy meeting new friends and seeing old ones. We are taking TimAir over to Negril, arriving at 12:30pm let us know if interested in sharing the plane.

    Jackie & Jim

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    how much does it cost to fly the puddle jumper to Negril?

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    TimAir flight to Negril is $105 per person or $205 per person round trip.

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    we arrive 11/7 aound 10am , do you need to make book the flight in advance
    or can you just go over and book once you have landed.I belive you had said you have been here before do you have any pictures of couples you could send us
    thanks nancy & dan

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    Nancy & Dan,

    if you go to you can make your reservation online. It is good to make reservation so that they will be expecting you.
    we will send you some pics.

    Jackie & Jim

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