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    Default CN Reunion in St. Louis

    The picture attached is from our Couples Negril Reunion in St. Louis over July 4th weekend. We all met each other during our CN visit back in October 2008. CN is such an amazing place. None of us knew each other when we got to CN and now we're all great friends! Thanks Couples for an amazing set of memories and new friends!

    Not everyone could make it back to CN this year so everyone decided to come stay with us in St. Louis for July 4th.

    The people in the picture are:

    Steve and Meghan from St. Louis, Vicki from England, Jerry and Jaime from NY, and Stacey and Jordan from Wisc. We were only missing 1 couple, Dusty and Kristen from CA. What a great time we all had at CN. This picture is from July 4th at Chandler Hill Vineyards in Defiance, MO.
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