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    Default The House Shampoo I Brought Home Is Almost Gone

    I just loved that shampoo! Not only was it good shampoo, it smelled just wonderful. It had a kind of subtle spicy note, a little like nutmeg. At least that's how it smelled to me. We used part of one tube, and later on, Housekeeping dropped another in the bathroom, and it was my intention to take it home, too, and I thought I had, but I can't find it anywhere so I guess I didn't.

    Of course, ideally I'd like to get hold of more of that shampoo by coming back, but I'm not sure when that'll happen. Jim already searched for it in the gift shop, and came up empty. How can I get some more of the Couples Resorts shampoo?

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    Go back to one of the Couples Resorts. lol

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    I to love the shampoo!!! I put one in my suitcase the night before we left I thuoght they would replace the bottle but the maid didn't. Too bad!! Well I did bring home one bottle and I put it my shower and gaze upon it and it brings a smile to my face. Then the kids start beating on he door!! LOL!! It's empty now but I leave it n the shower.

    Man, I miss CN 223 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!
    One Love,

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    I have a nice collection. I break one out once in a while to take be back to that wonderful place.


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    For Sale. I don't think we ever tried it because we had our own. BUT, we brought back seven bottles from five trips. We have a drawer in our bathroom full of it. I wish we had as much Appleton extra.

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    Good shampoo at a hotel! Whaaat? LOL!

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    Default i have one

    i just looked and i have one email me at and i will mail it to you for free

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    I believe that all the shampoo products that are in the room are produced for Couples Resorts thru Avon products.

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