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    Default Any chance for Christmas deals?

    My husband and I were married at CSA in Nov 2008. We went to CN for a week in March 2009 and now we are hoping to spend our last Christmas alone at CSA or another property.

    We are expecting a baby in March!

    Does anyone know if there is going to be a deal on rooms for this time period. I cannot imagine with the economy the way it is that it would be so expensive! We had hoped to take advantage of a decent deal!



    PS LOVE the new forum, have not been on in a while!

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    I wish there was specials for Christmas or for New Years, but I doubt that will happen. Normally the resorts are at capacity for those dates.

    Congrats on the little one.

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    Default Xmas deals


    We have always done Negril between Xmas and New Years. Never offered any special deals, and have been booked solid at capacity for the last 6 years. This is a popular time for the Europeans to come because they have two weeks off.

    With the economy this year last minute deals are always possible, although my belief is that since couples is a higher class resort, thier clientel are not as affected by the economy as say the clients of the lower cost resorts.

    Because i could not book my flights during this time for 2009 using my FFM, we decided to go one week later this year, and will arrive Jan 1 2010. I was surprised at the reduction in rates after Jan 1, in fact we are able to do 2 extra days for the same price we paid last year.

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    Doubt you'll find any deals over Christmas - that's the busiest time for beach resorts so they are filled & have no need to cut prices. What I'm really amazed about is that the prices all the rest of the time are not less with the economy the way it is. Even during "off season" times, the price has been higher (even with Couples deals) than we've ever paid in 11 years of going & I check pretty much every single day. We normally went in February for my birthday but haven't been able to swing that the last couple of years. Was hoping for a "deal" this coming year but it's not looking promising.

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    I would suggest that you get on the list for Couplicious Wednesday Specials!

    We only wish we could get a look into Randymon's crystal ball of future deals but everytime we peak he throws this wig with dreadlocks over it to surprise us.

    Go to the HOT DEALS and get on the mailing list. You never know what will come along.

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