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    Default Massage location at CSA

    Does anyone know if there are any massage areas on or near the beach or if the only place to have a massage is at the spa?

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    There is a massage tent they set up on the beach, up close to the sidewalk. It was located by the Beachfront Suites last December.

    Kevin & Angie

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    Yup. Beach massage is still available at the little hut. I never saw anyone there giving or getting a massage though. It was in a weird spot-I thought-and although a beach massage sounds great, it was really hot so I couldn't imagine being able to relax as well on the beach lounges vs the nice cool spa. If it were set up differently maybe...but that's just me, so it that's your thing, it's definitely there for you to enjoy!! - pix from CSA 8/18-8/25

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    Standard location is at the Oasis spa, but by request you can have it on the beach (location is between old & new sections), or in the original tiki hut in the back of the tennis courts. If you find yourself in a room you don't like, just ask for a different one. For our couples massage last year we were in a pleasant air-conditioned room with aromatherapy, but this year we were taken to two tiny rooms in the spa that were connected by a door, so I was in one room and my husband was in the other. Even though the door was open, it was not very pleasant to be separated like that, and the rooms felt like closets. In addition, during our treatment there were a bunch of people sitting in the jacuzzi pool right outside of the room who were pretty loud and obnoxious. None of the staff asked them to quiet down or reminded them that there were treatments going on. We didn't bother to make an issue of it, but next time we will, and same goes for our treatment room.

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