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    Default Repeaters Dinner Question

    If we are doing a split stay starting in Negril for 5 nights and then going to CSS for 4 nights, would we be invited to the Repeat Guest Dinner at CSS? Just curious and trying to plan where we really want to eat at CSS because 1 night is the Beach party and 1 night is the Gala. Thanks for any help :-) Only 4 more sleeps!!!!!!!!

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    Yes we did the same split and were invited to both repeater dinners. We also got the other perks at both resorts.

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    Yes the repeaters dinner rocks

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    We wer first timers to Couples in August. We did a split stay between CSA then CSS. Six nights at each. Once we arrivd at CSS, we were consided Repeaters and invited to the dinner. We were not expexting it so it was a nice suprise. Was the best meal we had the whole trip. Your going to love CSS. Beautiful resort. Miss it already.

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    Please can someone let me know - what night is the repeaters dinner held? (and is it the same in every Couples resort?).
    We will be going back to CTI in January as 'first time repeaters' - arriving on a Saturday evening. We'll spend a week there, and then transfer to CN for a second week.
    I'd hate the dinner to be on a Saturday night, and end up missing it!!!!!

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