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    Default Question about "All-Inclusive"

    Err, I did a search before I joined to post. Didn't want to clutter things up.

    My wonderful fiancee and I are currently looking for a nice, warm, sandy location to sleep away our honeymoon. A full week of it!

    Neither of us has ever really gone on a trip like this, as we're pretty frugal people. Her family took her to Germany once, and honestly I've never left the States. We are, however, looking to make this a very special seven days of sleeping, and think that Couples is astonishing. At least, the pictures and descriptions seem so!

    Now, onto our real question -- what is really included in the all-inclusive? I know there's a list on the site, and I've read over it. The big thing for us is dining... by far. In the list it mentions great restaurants, and when I hear "all-inclusive" I immediately assume that's food as well. However, since I'm a complete neophyte when it comes to planning trips such as this, I honestly don't know.

    If food isn't included, does anyone have a rough estimate of what we should expect to spend on dining for a 7-night stay?

    Many thanks guys. Trina and I are really hoping this one works out!

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    ALL of your meals, from burgers to lobster, from antipasta to dessert... all you can eat... are included. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks... its in there. Coffee, beer, cocktails, soda, smoothies... in there.

    At Couples, the only thing you might consume and have to pay for are premium (non-house) wines and smokes. If you decide to go off-campus or go "native" for a day, you're on your own dime. Phone calls home... there is a charge. Tips to NON-COUPLES employees (porters, sky-caps, transfer driver, catamaran crew, etc.)... your dime.

    All-inclusive means just that at Couples. But I don't know that you'll be able to sleep all THAT much.


    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Food is included... the only time it is extra is if you want a private beach or Island dinner. Bayside and the Rivers require reservations so make sure you make them the day you arrive so you can get in there the days you want. Other than that eat and drink to your hearts desire... and unlike other all inclusive resorts Couples is proud to serve top shelf liquors as well.

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    Default It means all inclusive....

    All Meals including a grill and veggie bar besides onsite restaurants and buffet for lunch and breakfast on the patio, all drinks including top shelf liquor, all water sporting equipment, glass bottom boat, catamaran sail, Dunns River Falls tour, Shopping Tour, shuttle to and from resort, all your tips except for bus drivers that transport you anywhere as they do not work for Couples. Entertainment each night, piano bar entertainment, toiletries in your room, beach towels clean daily by turning in dirty ones and getting new ones. Stocked in-room bar. Everything that you read on their website is what you get no strings attached. We went in 1982 and have returned twice so far and are going in 2 days again for our 29th Anniversary we love it there so much. You won't go wrong with Couples.

    Ralph & Roberta
    Syracuse, NY
    COR 9/1982, CTI 9/2007, CTI 9/2009, CTI 9/2011

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    When Couples says all inclusive they mean everything!! Food, drinks,
    entertainment, watersports, rooms, and a few excursions.
    From your brief description of what you want to do, may I suggest
    CSS as your resort of choice. We have been seven years in a row to the same place.
    It is amazing. It sounds like you like food, the meals are fabulous. From
    breakfast at Palizzina to lunch at Beach Grill, and top off your day with dinner
    at Cassanova. Truly a day of culinary delights. The resort is quite and the rooms
    are ideal for sleeping and just chilling out on the balconies. However you may
    prefer to lay in one of the many hammocks that are located among the grounds.
    You will not be disappointed with choosing CSS. Go and have a blast.

    "Once you know"
    Steve and Victoria

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    All inclusive is just that. All food and drinks. The only "drinks" that may end up extra would be some better wines. If you drink the house wines, they are included. They also include some water sports such as snorkling, hobie cats, water skiing. Also, the only tipping allowed on the resort is for the spa staff. Any other "Couples" staff could be fired for accepting tips. Any thing that might be "extra" on the resort such as spa services, night dives, purchases at the gift shop, etc can be billed to your room. (The only money we ever spend on the resort is for a massage, something in the gift shop, or to purchase a picture the photographer may have taken.) So, we just put our money in the safe and leave it there until we go home unless we leave the resort for something. Just come and enjoy, should not be any extras unless you want it that way.

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    All-Inclusive at Couples is even MORE inclusive than most other AI resorts. Most AI resorts include ONLY food, alcohol & non-alcoholic drinks, and non-motorized watersports (windsurfers, snorkel gear, etc). Couples includes all food; all drink (including premium liquor); watersports (inluding free scuba and snorkel trips; waterskiing, windsurfing, and hobie cat with lessons, if needed); sunset catamaran cruise; intro scuba course & dive; excursions to Margaritaville or Dunn's River Falls (depending on which resort); green fees and transportation to golf courses; beach parties and piano bars; tons of activities (volleyball, ping pong, basketball, tennis, exercise classes); transportation to and from airport; airport lounge upon arrival with complimentary Red Stripes; red flag service on the beach, etc etc

    The only thing you pay for is tips to non-Couples employees (like spa staff, catamaran staff, and shuttle drivers); the spa for maincures, facials, and massages; other off-site excursions, if you choose; slot machines; and the gift or sundries shops for souvenirs or in case you forgot something like sunscreen or cigarettes.

    If you are frugal and the price of the trip is in your budget, you could not pick a better resort. Especially, for your first trip out of the country or to the Caribbean. On top of all the great inclusions, the atmosphere and staff are awesome. And since it caters to couples, it is the perfect place for your honeymoon.

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    All the food you can eat is included!!! Really good food!!!

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    You eat for free, drink for free at the resort. You would just have to pay attention to the dress code so you do not miss out on some of the restaurants.

    The only dining you would pay for would be the Private Dinner options that most, if not all of the resorts offer to guests, if you decide you would like to do this.

    Unlike other resorts, Couples offers inclusions that most other resorts do not offer, i.e. watersking, River Falls Tour, Golf (fee for caddy of course).

    CTI in 7 days!!

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    ALL food IS included! You can eat to your hearts content!!! From my research Couples resorts is THE MOST all inclusive resort, not only including all food AND beverage, but also many excursions and other fun stuff!! What I love is that you can put your wallet in the safe when you get there, and never HAVE to take it out again until you leave You can buy spa services and souveniers, but if you don't want any of that, you don't need your wallet!!

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    jtrousd, All inclusive means ALL inclusive... Yes, ALL of the food is included at ALL of the restaurants and ALL of the top-shelf liquor that you can drink is ALSO included. Along with excursions, entertainment and of course the rest and relaxation! You will, of course, want to open up your sleepy eyes to enjoy the views, the Jamaica Sun and to meet a lot of really nice people. To sum it all up: You won't need to carry your wallet with you ANYWHERE on the resort (that's what the room safe is for). Have a wonderful time at Couples... NO WORRIES MON!

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    food is absolutely included... as are drinks inlcuding alcohol including most top shelf (i.e. brand names you'd know) liquor...

    the only additional food/drink costs that might be incured are either ones off the property on excursions (that are not listed as included in the excursion agenda), and things like the private beach/island dinner offered (which is 170/250ish per couple depending on location/resort)... also some top end wines/champagnes ect available by the bottle (not sure on costs)...

    hope that helps!

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    Yes, food and drinks (even room service if offered at your resort choice) are included and they are fabulous!

    Mark & April
    CSA - 06/03 (Honeymoon), 07/08, 10/09, 10/11, 5/14
    Secret Rendezvous - 11/05 (CN), 06/07 (CSS), 12/12 (CTI)

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    More food than you can possibly eat IS ALL INCLUDED.....and it's great....
    As is all your drinks. When Couples says all inclusive, they mean all inclusive....and NO Tipping Allowed.
    Every time we go we bring less & less money because it's so darn hard to spend it since we seldom leave the resort.
    Nightly entertainment...that's included.....I could go on & on but you get the idea.......
    Captain Jim
    "I will grow old....
    But I won't grow up"

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