Well, I had posted a couple weeks back asking what the thoughts were off inviting my 2 sisters (18 & 20) along for my wedding at CSA. Of course I expected some negative views on this as this IS a couples resort..however I would NEVER think of even having them come if they were some wild kids...they would be coming with my dad & stepmother...they are QUIET...goody-2 shoes...and it would take a cow to jump over the moon for them to act even slightly irresponsible with our father there.

Now I totally understand having your own opinion, however some people on here get very irate and respond to posts very immaturely. My thread was closed so I am assuming staff didnt like the thread, or someone complained...I dont know. Either way, I apologize for whomever the post disturbed...i was just looking for some feedback as I am in a tough position by trying to please myself and my fiance and do whats right...i am coming to Couples to enjoy the experience as well and would not have even suggested my sisters b there had i even had an tiny doubt they would b acting like they are on "spring break".