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    Default Couples gift card???

    Is there a way to gift someone a dinner on the beach or resort cerdits; like a Couples gift card? My folk are coming for my vow renewal and are going above and beond with what they helping to pay for, so we want to get them something to say thanks.

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    i imagine you could charge the dinner/whatever credit you want to your room... i can't see it being an huge issue as long as you authorize it....

    enjoy and congrats...

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    We had a dear friend arrange for us to have the private dinner. He contacted the resort and paid for it ahead of time. Upon check-in we were given a certificate and were able to book the dinner on our schedule. It worked out wonderfully.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    My wife and I gave our son and his wife a private dinner on the beach when we were ther 2 weeks ago. We charged it to our room and there was no problem doing so, and they had a great time.

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    Cant you call ahead to Couples and reserve it and pay for it??? I dont know but thinking somewhere on the website says you can call ahead and reserve a dinner(on the beach). Boy if I'm wrong....I'm sorry!!
    Have a great time!!!

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    Just let the front desk know when you check it what you want and they will do it. Pick the night to reserve it....have them charge it to your room...and have your folks show up.

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