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    Default Scuba at CTI Question...

    Does anyone know when you go for a one-time scuba dive at CTI, do they have anyone that takes under water pictures
    or video of you that can be purchased later?

    Ralph & Roberta
    Syracuse, NY
    COR 9/1982, CTI 9/2007, CTI 9/2009, CTI 9/2011

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    Out of curiousity - how far down do you go at CTI?

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    If you're not certified, just 30 feet.

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    how long is the dive for first timers? do you have to have a dr. note or pass a test to be able to go?

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    There are generally 2 dives per day. The first dive usually leaves around 9:30 and the second around 11:30 (if I recall correctly). If you are doing the free resort dive for non-certified divers they likely won't take you beyond 10 metres (30 feet) and the dive may last around 25 minutes or so. Usually the dive ends when the first person reaches 1000 psi left in their tank. There is a diving questionnaire that you fill out and if you answer "yes" to any of the questions you will require a doctors note. You can find that questionnaire on the Couples Website (somewhere, likely in the Frequently Asked Questions section).

    The dive team at CTI are excellent. Collin, Rasta, Tiger and Douglas are great guys and you will be very well looked after. Have fun.
    Sharon "gravysgal"

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