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Thread: February 2010

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    Default February 2010

    We will be there February 09 - February 23, 2010.
    Names Dave & Rose
    From Edmonton, Alberta Canada
    Occupation Dave- Sales Mechanical Controls Rose - Construction Safety Consultant
    Trips This will be our 4th trip back to CN
    Drinks Red Stripe (Him) Tropical Martini/Girlie Drinks (Her)
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    Default CN-February 6-15

    HI Dave and Rose,

    We will be back for our second visit including Valentines Day. Let's see if others will be joining us.

    Scott and Pam
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    Default Reserved 2-13-10

    Richie &Janet 3rd trip valentines day was great booked as soon as we returned last year.
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    Still just us and Larry & Marla It will be a quiet time on the beach lol

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    No way!!!! We couldn't let you have the beach all for yourself, Rose. There are 4 of us repeaters that are booked from the 11th.- 22th.

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    We will be there from 2/8-2/12/10. Hubby's birthday is 2/11/10. We have never been to CN but have been to all the others. I guess now we will just have to start over. We love them all.

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    We will have our very first Couples Resort experience 2/7/10 thru 2/14/10. Most very exited and welcome all hints and words of wisdom.

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    Welcome to the Couples Negril home. You will love it! Tips be sure to be prepared to relax and enjoy and reconnect!

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    Hi - My husband, Bert, and I will be there (for the first time!) on February 12 - 19. We'll be taking a 'better-late-than-never' honeymoon (married 10/9/08 after 17 years together) and will be traveling with another couple who are close friends of ours.


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    Welcome, perfect place for a honeymoon!

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    We are coming back Feb 19th to the 28th!!!!
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    Default getting close

    Dont count us out yet.........we very well may be there!

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    hey.......we are officially booked! Dave and Rose, Larry and Marla, Jana and Brett, and Tony and Karen....put on your dancing shoes and get ready to sing and dance......

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    So Glad your joining us! 112 days!

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    Hey sassyf38 oops I mean 35 when do you arrive at CN

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    Hey sassyf38 oops I mean 35 when r u arriving at CN

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    sassyf35 will be arriving Feb 12 and leaving on the 20th.........cant wait for the fun!

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    Couples Negril, here we come!!! Ron & Marilyn, Scott & Candy, Jeff & Pam, Andy & Jeanie. 106 days, but who's counting?

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    Couples Negril, Here we come!!! Ron & Marilyn, Scott & Candy, Jeff & Pam, Andy & Jeanie. 106 days, but who's counting?

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    Default speedo's on the beach

    So......Dave, Larry, and Brett...........Jen is bringing your personal speedo's to wear on the beach....Tony and I started this tradition.......its time for you boys to carry on. As for you women.......Marla, Rose, Karen, Jana, and my hot may all want to visit the farmer prior to going topless for the entire week.........cant wait for the fun to begin!

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    Default Dick and Dawn

    Dick and Dawn are coming back Feb20-27.
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    Mark, Some things should not be seen! And me topless in public is one of them!
    I am not high Maintenance, I am deservedly Spoiled!

    Couples Preferred Agent - Here to assist with your booking

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    I already have my speedo packed. Jana says she may need a few bob marley shots for some liquid encouragement.

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    Default Our first time

    Hi all,

    We will be there from Feb 13 -20th. First timers and celebrating 20 years of marriage. We are Steve and Julieann from Massachusetts!

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    Default first timers

    It may be your first time. But It Won't Be Your Last!!!!!!!!!
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