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    10 years ago today, we woke up at our Couples Negril oasis to the horrible 9/11 tragedy. it was so awful seeing everything unfold on tv that morning and we had a very hard time bringing ourselves out of room to do anything. The employees at Couples treated everyone with so much empathy and care and it was great and that's why we go back so often. Thanks Couples for treating us so well that day and the days to follow!

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    OMG I am so glad to hear that Couples was so sympathetic but I would have never imagined anything less from them! Yes what a horrible day it was and I think everyone in the US remembers what they were doing that morning when all the tragedy hit!! I have a girlfriend who was in Jamaica at the time but not a Couples resort who was stuck there for a few extra days due to them stopping all air travel!
    God Bless the USA!!!!

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    I would no expect anything less from Couples. They really are the amazing and that we why we continue to go back year after year.

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