In August of 1987, I spent a week at what was then called "Couples Jamaica". During that week, I was fortunate, as a cook, to go to Boston Bay - home of Jamaican Jerk. This will be my first trip back to CTI since then, but I go to CSA 2 or 3 times a year and have been to CSS once. My girlfriend and I will be staying at CTI from 10/20 through 10/23, then off to CSA, my home away from home for a week.

We are going to hire a driver to take us into Boston Bay early in the morning - Saturday 10/22/2011. If there's another couple interested in splitting the cost and having a personal jerk festival, post it here and we'll put it together. I have cooked Jamaican Jerk ever since that trip and have done quite well in all the competitions I've entered. If you are a cook, we can compare notes. If you just like to eat, I love to talk about the food and discuss preparations and flavor profiles. You won't be bored and certainly won't come back to CTI hungry.

The trip takes around 2-1/2 hours from the resort each way. We leave early enough to get there for lunch and return to Couples by sunset.