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    Default Shell Guy at CSA

    We've been wanting to buy shells from the vendor walks the beach selling shells.

    Questions -
    Are these shells free of their inhabitants?
    Has anyone had experience getting them through customs? I'd imagine they really show up if they're packed in the checked luggage, and don't know if they'd be allowed through customs - aren't they considered some kind of "sea life" or something??

    We always mean to buy shells, but somehow never manage to get it together, and want to be sure to do so when we return.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback from anyone who has successfully (or maybe not-so-successfully) brought these home....

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    I bought a shell a few years ago and yes, the owner was still inside as it started to smell. You have to boil it I was told.

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    We bought one, packed it in our checked bag. no proublem.

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    I've purchased shells as CN in the past and haven't had any problems getting them through customs. I haven't put them in my checked bag but carried on since I didn't want them to get damaged.

    Yes, their inhabitants have been removed.

    My sister was there with us during our last visit and purchased a starfish - it was dead and the "insides" had been removed and she got through everything okay as well.

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    we bought 2 shells, he said they were clean and free of their inhabitants, but after a few days it REALLY started to smell and "leak" green fluid... YUK! There was a little hermit crab still inside one of them we cleaned it out and then it was fine. No problem bringing them home

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    Default Sheeellllllzzzz

    The shell guy - Danny, I think his name is - sells seashells by the seashore.. couldn't resist...
    Anyway, he sells shells that are cleaned because that's what he eats. We brought some back without any problem, but we did say that we had it packed. No problems.

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