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    Default Black river and pelican bar tour?

    Can anyone recommend a good tour that goes to both the black river and pelican bar?

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    We just did this tour in July while visiting CSA. Knowing that we're not able to recommend any drivers here you could either message me or send me an email at We had a fabulous day-we were also supposed to go to YS Falls but ran out of time! Also ate at a local restaurant right on the river serving lobster and conch.

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    They are both in the same "neck of the woods", as it were, so it you are travelling from CN or SweptAway, there should be no problem finding a tour operator to take you on a day trip that will include both. Check with the tour desk at your resort of choice, OR... try checking online with some of the tour operators that maintain a presence on the web.

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    Contact Solomon at

    We did this exact tour and it was great! Solomon was fantastic, i made all of the arrangements from Canada before we left, make sure you stop at Sista Lou's for crab when you go up the Black river and The Pelican bar may be the one of coolest places on the planet

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    Whoops sorry about the "name dropping" forgot that that was a no no!

    email me at and i can give you some ifnromation on that exact tour we did it 2 years ago and it was fantastic

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    Thanks to all for the great advice!

    4 more days until we are back in paradise!

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