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    Default Is the water in Negril safe to drink?

    Okay, if you can't tell I will be a newbie to Jamaica in December! We are booked to stay at CSA and I just wanted to know if most people drink the water or do you need to get bottled water everywhere you go?

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    drink up, nothing wrong with the water at all. this aint mexio

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    The tap water is fine. In fact, the resorts are moving toward no more bottled water. Not sure where CSA is with it, but CN doesn't have bottles anymore.

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    I've always drank the water at every meal, no problem... like the previous poster said... this ain't mexico. In fact the water in Jamaica tastes better than ours here in the states! We've stayed on both sides of the island always at Couples and never once heard of anybody having any bad experiences by drinking the water. You're gonna be just fine... nothing to worry about, have a wonderful trip!

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    It's not only safe, it's delicious!
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    Absolutely. No worries.

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    Yes its bottled water these days

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    No worries - the water is perfectly safe to drink

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    Just get the bottled water.... It's free

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    With all the bars there i didn't know they served water!! LOL

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    Yes, the tap water is safe and the quality for drinking is top notch. I much prefer the tap water at CSA over the bottled water. Some of the best drinking water you will have anywhere. Better even than many places in the States.

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    I agree with everyone, including mariehinghaugh... if you're worried about it, get the bottled water. If you wander "off-campus", bring some bottled water with you.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Oh They have water that a novel concept. ( Don't worry the tap water is fine)

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