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    Default BeachFront Suite CSA

    Hi all!!
    So confused regarding rooms!!! We decided against the jacuzzi suite and about to book the beachfront verandah suite.... but looking at the pics we just loved the regular beachfront suite (not verandah) Really not thrilled with the verandah rooms. Hubby is a TV guy at night but he said he will just bring his portable dvd and watch movies.
    So what do you guys think of the beachfront suites?? are they all about the same layout in regards to the bathroom with the shutters and big porch etc.
    Thanks again

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    I have never stayed in a bfs but from the outside, I think they are the best suites at CSA.They are right on the sand.I would book one in a minute if I had the money.I tried the bfvs and it was nice but I don't think it was worth the money as we were on the second floor with an obstructed view with palm trees.Go with the bfs if you can.

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    The BFS and BFVS are both right on the beach....there are some BFS that are BIG w/wrap around porches - there are only 4 or 6 of these rooms. We really really loved the BFS (have stayed in the BFS, BFVS and GVS). We stayed in both the bottom and top floors. The top floor of the BFS is nice - the ceiling is vaulted w/ceiling fan. The wall for the bathroom doesn't reach the ceiling....we don't miss the TV as we bring our c'puter for work and use it for pleasure....The BFS rooms are closer to the Palms on the older side. We've found that air cond is the same for both the BFS and BFVS.

    If you NEED a TV (and it IS fun to watch Jamaican TV - we especially love the local shows), then get any room with Verandah in the title. If TV is not important, I'd definitely recommend the BFS....

    There are NO bad rooms at CSA (regardless of price point), so just go with the room that you can comfortably afford, and ENJOY!!!

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    We recently booked the BFS. We've stayed in garden suites, garden verandahs, and ocean verandahs before.

    We picked the BFS because we like the older rooms. I liked the layout of the garden suite over the verandah's. Don't get me wrong, I would totally book a verandah again; there is NOTHING wrong with the verandahs. I just like the feel of the older rooms and know that with a BFS there is at least a chance of having one of the, as my DH and I call them, "pimp suites," with the wrap around porches.

    And the TV isn't an issue for us either. It was nice having a TV in the verandahs sometimes, but there was a peace to not having one when we were in the garden suite that I loved. And we too bring a portable DVD player so we can watch that if we need that kind of entertainment (and how cool would it be to set it up on your deck overlooking the ocean watching stuff).

    I've been dying to stay in one of these for 4 years now (first time attaching an image on this new board, bear with me if it doesn't show).
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    I'm so excited to see this picture, thanks for posting, this is exactly what I'm looking for.
    My hubby & I will be going in Feb/March for our 20th. This will be the fisrt time to Couples and have booked a BFS. I would love to know either the building #'s or the room #'s that have the wrap around porches so that I could possibly request one when the time comes near.
    Would anyone have that information?
    Thanks much

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    The Beach front Suites and the Atrium suites with a proximity to the sea are great. One note: people love to gather on the porches and the decks of these rooms. As the BFS on the first level have easy access, other guests "hook-up" after the Palms evening shows end. Sometimes, "not regularly" a likkle pah-ty gets going. FYI: the direction, as I hear, is for all rooms to have a courtesy bar setup and fridge. Tvs are still to be left in the Verandahs. I never hear anyone's TV, though. Forget CNN, look for the Jamaican MTV channel: its great. I've been in all the styles of room and their all great.

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    Default Bfs

    We recently stayed in the BFS (2nd floor) for our honeymoon. We plan on going back sometime and will request the BFS (2nd floor) again. The deck is great for breakfast or a few drinks before heading out or just relaxing - very spacious. Mini bar is always kept stocked, etc. No tv but we didn't need a tv. We visited some new friends in a newer room by the swim-up bar and (of course) thought the BFS was the way to go. Depending on the time of day it's great to people watch. Giant deck curtains can be drawn for ultimate privacy.

    This does not pertain to the room....If you are able to get up right at sunrise do so and hit the beach. You'll have it all to yourself. Chill in the water and watch the rasta stoll by on his horse as the sun peaks over the rest of the property. Probably one of the coolest moments we had at CSA.

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    Default BFS - the way to go....

    My wife and I and our two friends have stayed in the BFS three times and I will tell you this.... if you stay in one of them any other room wont compare. Sure there isn~t a TV, but trust me -- these are the best rooms. We actually stayed in the BFVS the first year they were built and got our rooms changed to the BFS. As one poster said -- they are the ^PIMP^ rooms.... everyone who goes to CSA admires those rooms. Nothing like watching the sun go down on your HUGE balcony or people watch in the AM...

    That being said -- CSA is awesome.... so if you cant get a BFS don~t let that keep you from going. We are all planning a trip in April and looks like the BFS are all booked.... so we~ll go with the next best rooms, in our opinions... the attrium. Same room as the BFS, just not right on the beach.....

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    What building or room numbers would you recommend?

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    We just got back from CSA (October 20th-27th). We stayed in a BFVS, room #3221 I think, and it was perfect! It was a second floor room which we liked because we didn't have to close our shades all the time. The first floor rooms are set up that anyone walking by can look right into your room if the curtains are open. Our view was great! We were directly above the spot for the beach weddings and had a decent view of the ocean just beyond the wedding site. We were on the beach right in the middle of the resort, between the Palms and the Patio. When we walked down our stairs to leave our room the hot tub was right there on our way to the ocean. We had a t.v. and a fully stocked bar but neither got much use as we were always out on the beach or at one of the buildings (usually the piano bar!). Our deck was very nice and we would relax/people watch every morning there. Hope this helps!
    Adam & Abby
    CSA October 23rd, 2009

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    I know this is an old thread, but my question relates to it, so I thought I'd write it here instead of creating a new thread.

    Do any of the second floor BFS have the huge, wrap around veranda, or are those only on the first floor ones? I know we can't make any requests ahead of time, but at check-in I'd like to request a second floor, if one is available, since they seem a bit more fish bowl effect. On the other hand, I'd LOVE to be lucky enough to have one of those big, wrap around verandas too!

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    There are three Beachfront Suites that have those spacious wrap-arounds... a single suite on the first floor, but two on the second. None of the BF Suites have the wrap-around on the 2nd floor... sorry.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    I'm confused. You said that 2 beachfront suites have wrap-around verandas on the second floor and then you said none of the bf suites have wrap-sround on the 2nd floor. Isn't beachfront suite = BF suite???

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    I just booked the BFS May 28th for Sept 6th-12th. I am super excited. I am also so happy we booked this room. It is my husband's 40th Birthday and we have about 4 couples going with us to celebrate. I hope we get a room with huge porch so we can all hang out one night or two. I could care less about a TV!!!! That is why we booked this. My husband and I need some alone time if you know what I mean. We are leaving the two year old at home. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stacie & Chris View Post
    I'm confused. You said that 2 beachfront suites have wrap-around verandas on the second floor and then you said none of the bf suites have wrap-sround on the 2nd floor. Isn't beachfront suite = BF suite???
    None have the large porch on the second floor. There are a few buildings with a large porch on the first floor and a normal BFS and a small (TINY!) porch Atrium suite on the second floor. I have only seen those Atriums in use once since they are nothing like the other ones and people don't really want them. Most of the BFS are set up exactly like the Atriums with the exception of the furniture on the porch. The Atriums have a hammock and the BFS have a lounge chair. I really wish they would show the normal BFS more in the description as there are so few of the large porch ones so it is really misleading. People expect those and rarely get them.

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    We just returned from CSA on 5/28, we booked a BFS, we ended up in room 2235, second floor and we had a very large balcony, we have stayed in all rooms except the Great house, any room to me is just fine, but the BFS with this LARGE BALCONY was outstanding. We had cocktails with 2 other couples every night before dinner, 6 of us on the balcony and we were not cramped or sitting on top of one another. This is by far my favorite room category at CSA.
    This was our 6th trip back and I am already scheming how to get back in November.

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    Thanks Melody!

    I know they are rare, but it never hurts to ask if one is available when checking in, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stacie & Chris View Post
    Thanks Melody!

    I know they are rare, but it never hurts to ask if one is available when checking in, right?
    That's how I look at it. As long as you anticipate getting a normal one (which are awesome anyway) you won't be disappointed. The large balcony type would be a bonus.

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    We've stayed in the BFS (on the older side of the resort) and have also spent one night in the newer section in an Ocean veranda Suite. Both suites were very nice but I just love the way the BFS is tucked away in the gardens. The newer BFVS have smaller porches and are literally right on the beach which can be nice, but the down side is that you have no privacy because the sidewalk is just a few feet away from your room and people can look inside if the door is open, plus there are not as many mature plants on the newer "veranda" side and the sun just beats onto the porches. The BFS are tucked into the vegetation and 30-50 feet off the sidewalk so they are a bit further back but very private and "treehouse" like instead of feeling like a basic hotel room. The room was in great shape and had everything we needed but no they do not have a TV. I prefer no TV because for me, it's nice to get away and be romantic with my hubby at night instead of lying in bed falling asleep to the drone of a TV like at home. f it's sports games you miss, there's a huge TV in the fitness center and you can watch the games with other people.

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