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    Default Anniversary Night of Repeaters Dinner

    Our 4 year anniversary is going to be the same night as the repeaters dinner. We love going to this dinner, but I wanted to do something special for my husband. He works very hard, which allows me to stay home with our daughter. Couples is very special to us. We got married and conceived our baby at CTI and CSA, respectively. Has anyone ever seen anything done at the repeaters dinner for an anniversary or does anyone have any ideas?

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    hmmmm... i know on my birthday my husband had them set up a dozen roses on the table at bayside and on our bed (petals)... it was a lovely touch since we didn't do a private dinner... ( i wanted thai on my bday )

    they'd also do a cake and or a special bottle of wine if you ask...

    (can bill all to the room and use resort credit towards it)

    other options might be that you just get him something special to present at the dinner (not sure if he wears jewerly/ a tie clip/money clip? something small that they you can ask your waiter to present to him in a sort of special manner sort of like how they'd present an engagement ring to a lady? might not solicit the same sort of emotional response in a man tho, not sure LOL)

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    Go up to the Aura afterwards and celebrate there!... Ask Ulti if he can do a special song for you and your hubbie. He and one of the guest relations staff played a wonderful song for my wife and I in May 2010 for our 35th. We were truly honored!

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    I know I love the Repeater's Dinner too! It is hard to give it up. Have you considered getting in touch with Randymon and have him read a love letter from you to your husband on your anniversary? I can tell you first hand that he does an excellent job!

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    I just checked the calendar and our anniversary will also be the night of the repeater's dinner! Now, to come up with a surprise for hubby as well!
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    Our anniversary will be on the night of the repeater's dinner as well!

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