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    Default A great time had by all!!!!

    For the records. The New England Par-taa was, once again, a huge success. Kevin, you did a terrific job. thank you once again.
    The tiny restaurant in Providence R.I. called, "Tina's" was our evening meal location. Tina along with her daughter and a couple of other people to help, prepared a Jamaican buffet. Did I mention that Tina's is a Jamaican eatery?
    There was salad, coco bread, patties, jerk pork, jerk chicken, rice, and at this moment I can't remember everything else. But trust me. Mmmm Mmmmmmm Good!
    Tina does not have a liquor license, so everyone came with their favorite beverage and nessasary mixers. We really did have a wonderful time. In fact, before we all left Sunday morning, some of us were talking about making next years Par-taa a two day event. Some will make it, others will just come on Saturday. We have a year to plan it.

    Maybe next year, when the N.E. par-taa train begins its journey, more of you will get on board for 2012. All are welcome.


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    You are spot on, Richie. It was one, terrific night in Providence. What fun to meet up at the pool with old friends and make some new friends, too. Everyone is welcome to join the party next year. We all share our fondness for Couples and Jamaica, and it's easy to "share some love," as Ulti would say. More couples. More stories. More fun.

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    I'm so glad you guys had a good time! I'm now employed again so we are on for next year!!!

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