Hello from London!

I wonder if someone could help me please.

We previously stayed at the couples resorts in November 2010 for total 14 nights (over 2 seperate resorts at CTI and CN as a twin centre, 7 nts each) and loved it so much we are now going back to CN this May - can't wait!

And we just got around ourselves to actually registering on Couples' Romance Reward program last week and (to our horror) one thing caught our attention.

From what I've read on the website, it looks like that we only have 12 months from our actual stay to update our points (i.e. collect points of our past stay)....
As our stay was back in November 2010, obviously more than 12 months have now passed by.

Does this definitely mean that we can NOT claim our points from our previous stay at this stage?

Our stay was for 14 nights, so if these points are still accountable, then we would have been '' Renewed Love'' level which comes with $150 resort credit.

Does anyone know how strict they are about these ''12 months deadline'' policy?
Do they honour our points even after 12 months??? Does anyone have any experience on this?

When we stayed at the Sandals resort as repeat guests, we didn't have to do anything in advance, just told the hotel the date of our previous stay at the check-in and that was all they needed! So we kind of assumed that it was something similar at Couples resorts too...

I have not yet contacted the resort but thought I might ask on this board first...

I know it's our fault for not checking this through beforehand but it is quite upsetting to lose out this $150 resort credit!!!

Any thoughts/comments will be very much apprecuated!

Many thanks.