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    Default direct flights?!?!

    I am planning my fictatious trip to csa glancing around and can not find any direct flights... ever? I am about 45 min from Bradley in Hartford CT and 2 hrs from Boston MA. I am not a snob but we had a flight fiasco last year on our real trip to css and said we would only fly direct. I mean if it comes down to it I will deal with a layover but was wondering if anyone has ever taken a direct flight from either of those airport...
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    There are no direct flights from Htfd or Boston. I found Carribean air flies direct out of JFK and has you in Jamaica at 9:35am!! Very inexpensive too!! We are staying in NY the night before as it is a 3 hour drive to JFK for us. We live half way between Logan and Bradley but sadly neither has any good flights to Jamaica.

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    We live about 75 miles from JFK and drive in the night before as well to catch the first AJ flight to MoBay.Price was only $20 PP more than last year. If you haven't already booked you hotel, This Park, Sleep & Fly site is a good deal. We have used it for the past 13 years.

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    This just amazes me. We have direct flights from Halifax till late April. This year we left 5 minutes after another direct flight, both going to Mobay. I know Boston especially is a much bigger city. Maybe Couples is missing the boat somewhere in their advertising.

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    Last year Jet Blue had direct on saturdays from Boston. It seems they stopped them. If you want direct you will need to go to JFK and fly either carribean Air (Air Jamaica) or I think, American. We fly out of Boston and go either through Miami or Charlotte.

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    We are driving 3 hours to Philadelphia this coming February to catch a direct US Air flight to MBJ.

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    never flown from those airports direct, but maybe fly to Philly and stay the night and fly from there. Early departure time, direct flight, and last yr we were on the beach before noon.

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    JetBlue does have direct flights from BOS to MBJ on Saturdays. Perhaps it's a seasonal route, but I am definitely taking a non-stop JetBlue flight to MBJ in December!

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    Non-stop is the way! I will NEVER fly Delta again (their latest commercials about "what has your airline done for you?" make me laugh because of the IRONY!!!). First time to Couples Delta got us to Atlanta then canceled the flight to Jamaica. They said "spend the night in Atlanta" and offered ZERO help...even when we asked about other flights. We found Air Tran on our own, booked the last 2 seats and got to Couples on time. When we told Delta we were NOT going to be waiting until the next day, the representative rolled her eyes and asked "Air Tran?" IF SHE KNEW ABOUT THAT FLIGHT, WHY DID'T SHE SAY SOMETHING EARLIER!!! She INTENTIONALLY neglected to tell us. Shameful.

    Next time you think Delta, think "what has your airline done for you?". I am stubborn...will NEVER fly them again. We are booked Carribian Air in December, Continental in April.

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    sj919 Jet Blue does offer a direct flight but it still kills a whole day. Departs at 1115 and lands at 330. It would be after 6 by the time you get to Negril and its about $200 more. But you are right they do offer one. I wonder why I didnt see that before?

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