Okay Everyone ,

I am really getting anxious and decided to combine two of the October threads so we could all get a feel for Who's Coming & When! Couples Swept Away is one of my favorite destinations and I can not wait to return! Looking forward to relaxation, excitement, enjoyment, good food & drinks, making new friends AND Marrying my Husband (again)!

So far the October roster consists of the following (please forgive me if I forgot anyone or missed some information):

Jamaican Wifey 10/1-10/9 10th. Anniversary Vow Renewal
Loveinjamaica 10/2-10/12
Owenbe 10/3-10/8
Megan 10/3-10/9 Honeymoon
Bball2011 10/4-10/12 Honeymoon
Enjoythebeach 10/7-10/14
CoryandNeil 10/8- 10/15 25th Anniversary
Crazymel21 10/8-10/15 5th. Anniversary
Tdjac 10/9-10/14 25th Anniversary
JackNY 10/8-10/15
Aurxdoc05 10/10-10/16
Tom & Erin 10/11-10/21 25th. Anniversary Vow Renewal
Waynef 10/13-10/20
LoveinJamaica 10/12-10/19
Waynef 10/13-10/20 Birthday
Sunny01 10/15
Luv2sun_stl 10/15-10/22 Daughter’s Wedding
Terri_Steve 10/15-10/22 10th. Anniversary
Chris 10/15-10/23
Chaddyboysimms 10/18-10/23 Honeymoon
Jaj111 10/18-10/25 1st. Anniversary
Rob_N_Dayna 10/19-10/26
Wedge 10/19-10/29 5th. Anniversary
Javielee 10/22-10/29 1st. Anniversary
Itsalldutch2me 10/22-10/30 Getting Married
Fawnridge 10/23
Aceswild 10/25-11/1
Lisa401 10/26
Rxwoman78 10/29-11/5
Mt23 10/30