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    Default Couples Sans Souci wins "Cook Dis" competition

    Couples Sans Souci Takes Top Prize at Cook Dis: Ocho Rios - August 30, 2011
    On Tuesday August 30, 2011 Couples Sans Souci hosted the “Cook Dis” culinary competition between the four Couples Properties- Sans Souci, Tower Isle, Negril & Swept Away. Couples Sans Souci’s Senior Sous Chef Gregory Nelson - Certified Executive Chef from the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) and former lead chef at the prestigious three time Restaurant of the Year Mac’s Chop House - organized the event as a means to hone the creative skills of the staff. Each team consisted of three junior cooks tasked with preparing a four-course meal in a single hour. The teams were given a secret ingredient – Avocado – that had to be incorporated into each dish
    Judges included: Couples Resorts Corporate Chef Stefan Spath, Songstress and famed Epicurean Suzanne Couch, Chas E Ramson’s Brand Manager Kathryn Silvera and Runaway Bay Heart Academy Projector Director Kenrick Stewart.
    Chas E Ramson sponsored many of the ingredients used throughout the competition - Cooking and Whipping Cream, Butter, Salmon Steaks, Beef Short Rib, and McCormick Seasonings just to name a few.
    Couples Sans Souci’s team lead by Andre Sanchez were the eventual winners, narrowly edging out Couples Tower Isle. Prizes included a cash award of JA$30,000 as well as a wide range of grocery items from Chas E Ramson.

    Couples Resorts

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    i actually created a thread asking about this and they didn't post it... glad to get an update... we did a tour of the San Souci that day and were wishing that we could have been judges!!

    is it possible that san souci had the home court advantage?

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    Will the winning dishes be on the menu when I arrive in 10 days?

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    Congrats to an amazing team....although not surprised. Sans Souci has been our "home" for many trips to jamaica and we have always been thrilled and amazed by the wonderful cuisine that awaits us. We are only a week away from our next visit and are so, so very excited to be going "home" again.
    congrats again & see ya soon!!!!!
    cindy & chuck

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