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    Default First time to CN just booked for xmas!

    We are so excited we just booked our trip! It will be our first time at a couple's resort but looking forward to it!

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    What a great christmas present!!!! I would love to spend Christmas and New Year's there but just cant get myself to want to spend that kind of money!! Have a great time!! HO HO HO! sorry had to go there!! LOL

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    You will not regret it! Not only is Couples the greatest resort chain ever, but CN was our first and only, and we've been consciously and sub-consciously unable to book a tropical vacation anywhere else. 3rd time in November!

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    You've pick the perfect resort. We love CN and especially at Christmas. They decorate the place so nice with lights in the palm trees and poinsettias lining the staircase. In the main dining room they play Jamaican Christmas music. It is so festive.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    What a great place to spend Christmas! I am excited for you.

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    Santa gave my husband and I the same!! 1st timers at CN as well and looking forward to it!

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