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    Default UK Guests-package or book separately?

    I'm looking for the best deal for next year so I have been looking at packages, and also booking flight and room separately. Does anyone know what the implications are of booking separately, for instance in the case of extreme weather, disasters and things like that?

    Couples Resorts UK have a good deal on room only, and I have found a couple of flights that I think I could negotiate a better price on. I'm just not sure which way to go.

    Kenwood have come up with quite a good price for a package.

    Package or book separately - what do you do?

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    Default Book separately

    Hi Guys

    We have been to css many times now and on the last three occasions we have booked separately. Reasons are a) if you book direct with Couples on line you can get a really good discounted deal and get the freebies on offer at the time and b) you can get the flights you want with who you want. We always fly Virgin and find the prices really good. Disadvantage with booking your own flights is you have to pay for them now but at least it is paid. If you need help mail me privately

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    We have been to CN three times and used Kenwood Travel to book the whole thing.
    I feel happier having everything under "one roof". If anything goes wrong such as the flight being delayed or flight changes, one person can sort it all out.
    Two years ago my husband had gout and could not walk and so we had to cancel. Just one phone call to Kenwood to sort it out and they forwarded all the necessary paperwork for me to claim on our insurance. Had I booked flight and resort separately it would have been double the hassle.

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    Package for us, both times. I booked through dial a flight this year and virgin last year. Reasonable rates from both. I am also subscribed to Kenwood and occasionally they come up with some good prices but they haven't been able to beat Virgin or Dial a Flight yet. Last year Kenwood were able to give upgraded seats (upper class) for an additional 500 a head. Not doing it this year though. You are going to love Couples resorts!

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    We like to fly Virgin PE and so far packages have worked out to be cheaper - probably because I think TA's can sometimes get good discounts on fares, and because we always haggle with them. We're collecting airmiles and in 2013 will be able to get 2 "free" (still have to pay taxes!) PE flights.

    Our annual travel insurance will cover any problems with cancelled/delayed flights etc and will also cover any hotel problems. So I would say - if you can get it cheaper booking them separately (having got package quotes from several TAs) then go for it, but take out insurance (unless you have an annual policy) before you pay out any money.

    Good luck!

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    We have just booked our 15th trip to CTI for December this year. The best price we have found is with Kenwood
    Travel and we really shopped around, although we have paid more for this trip than we have ever paid before, but
    Couples is worth every penny!

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    Just checked the Kenwood site and its quoted me 7356 for 14 nights VR PE and Penthouse. Booking direc cost me under 5k. Admittedly I got the 50% off Couples deal but there are still great bargains on the Couples site. Also, when we had the ash cloud last year Couples held open our booking no problem mon until it cleared. Maybe worth checking it out after all?

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    Thanks to everyone for their input and ideas.

    Bazza-I have a couple of questions you might be able to help with. If you would let me have your e-mail address, or contact me on, hopefully I can pick your brains! (please mention CTI in the subject line or I might delete you)


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    Had an e-mail today from British Airways which says there will be no direct flights to Mobay next year. They are only going to Kingston, with an internal flight for those wanting to go to Montego Bay. Didn't see that one coming!

    Look like the choice of flights, as well as packages, is also a bit more limited now.

    Oh yes, big thanks to Bazza for all his tips.

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    We booked with British Airways their prices was coming out better than Virgin. We booked World Travel plus and have upgraded coming back with club using our miles from holiday this year to Mauritius.
    At the time all seats going Montego Bay upgrading with points had been allocated so we have booked to fly into Kingston. We are staying at the CSS and we got a telephone call saying our flight home on the 6th has been cancelled and did we want to change our booking to the 5th.

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    I was looking at BA today and noticed no direct flights. That leaves just Virgin and Thompson.
    So question do you book now or hope there are flights available in January when we normally book for July.
    We are not youngsters and 9 months is a long time health wise if you are not a Spring Chicken.
    I looked on Kenwood for a Virgin First Class flight and 14 Days Sans Souci 7460!!
    But booking seperatly with Couples and Flight Virgin as of today it was 6200 so quite a saving
    Have to talk to hubby i think and just go for it and get good insurance.
    Opinions would be most welcome

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    Quote Originally Posted by faraway View Post
    Had an e-mail today from British Airways which says there will be no direct flights to Mobay next year. They are only going to Kingston, with an internal flight for those wanting to go to Montego Bay. Didn't see that one coming!

    Look like the choice of flights, as well as packages, is also a bit more limited now.

    Oh yes, big thanks to Bazza for all his tips.
    We were kicking ourselves for turing down a great deal to fly club world via Couples Uk (which is Kenwood). now feeling smug that we did!

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    Patty - I agree with you, it's so difficult to know when to book. If we book now, will we find prices drop because people are not travelling due to the financial situation? Or will there be so few flights, with high demand the prices stay up? Tricky one!!

    We are on quite a tight budget for our next trip, although I now my job is safe for now. We will go to CTI and stay in a garden deluxe or superior ocean this time, and just have extra legroom seats on the flight. We are quite prepared to compromise because any room at Couples is a good Room.

    If we can get close to our budget I think we'll probably just get it booked. I might call Kenwood and see if I can negotiate a deal. Anyone tried it?

    Good luck to everyone looking to book. Let us know how you get on.

    I forgot to say, I did contact Thomas Cook and was told they hadn't been informed of any decision regarding their long haul flights/holidays for 2012.

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    Default Go with ebookers

    Just booked a package (flight and accom in Ocean Penthouse) with ebookers for a week in half term June 2012, flying with Virgin with good flight times. They beat the Kenwood price by quite a way, and were WAY below the rest. As it's booking flight and accom, you are on a 'package' and therefore have all the rights you would expect from a traditional travel agency, and you get the extras for the couples resort such as transfers, trips etc. They have a 50% sale on until 30th September, so that is why it was so cheap.

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    we thought we might miss out on couples this time as we could not believe the escalating prices on packages, funnily enough looked on line today and the price had tumbled 600 per person! I dont claim to understand how it is priced but I recommend shopping around and going for the booking when the price is right for you. Also used tesco club points - this holiday is therefore most afordable! Looking forward to coming home in Feb

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