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    Default Sunset photo package & wedding package

    Freaking out about pictures again! So My fiance and I are using the resort photographer and perfectly happy with it. However I am trying to get the most pictures for the money. I have no problem editing them myself. We already plan on doing the package for $600 where you get 36 photos and a video. I saw somewhere that a couple purchased the sunset photo package and wore their wedding attire and got 100 pictures on a cd. Does anybody know if your allowed to do this and how long you get the photographer for? Has anybody ever tried this before? Thanks!

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    I purchased this, but we weren't allowed to wear our wedding attire- we used these as engagement pictures - which turned out to be a good thing because Stacey Clarke took almost 2 months getting us our pictures.

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    what a bummer, i thought i'd found a way to get lots of pictures haha. thank you!

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    before a response was posted to this i had emailed the wedding coordinator and she said that we are allowed to wear wedding attire for the sunset photo package. I'm finding out more details and can let people know if their intereseted.

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    Just returned from CSA and had a Vow Renewal on 10/06/11....
    After you purchase ANY Wedding Package, then you can get a package for $350, which consists of a Sunset Session and you get to pick 30 Resort Photos and 20 Wedding Photos. BTW, the minimum wedding package is $200 (6-8x10s)

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