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    So, we have been watching to offers and rates and have decided to gamble. We have done csa and cn so we are wanting to see the other side of the island on our honeymoon. Seems like that is likely if we do sr. Anyone have an idea as to what sr rates were last spring? We are hoping to travel Jan, feb, march, or April. I read on the mb that a $275 rate was offered? That would be amazing! Also, could we book two sr's back to back in hopes of doing a split stay? Thanks

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    Hi! congrats on your upcoming wedding! We did a sr in march 2011 and had a great time at CSS. We did 5 nights and the total was 2700 but that was including flights from hartford. so am guessing it was about 1700 for the package resort. We were also given a great upgrade upon arrival. take the gamble it was sooo worth it. css would have never been on the top of our list and now we cant wait to go back!!

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    We paid 2100 for 5 days dec 2010 and got CTI, I think it was 250 per night, but I will have to see that is the lowest I have ever seen it. We are waiting for the next SR sale now!!!

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    Thanks. We are hoping for a great wednesday promo. Any thoughts aboout booking 2 back to back sr?

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    Im not really sure about the back to back thing, maybe ask a travel agent. I dont see why not?

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    Thanks friends! Is there a sr special, or should I just keep an eye on the weds deals? Thanks again!

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