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    Default 11 days of bliss at CN

    Spike and I returned last Thursday from CN after 10 fantastic nights, a quick summary of our stay as this was our fifth trip back to CN.

    Arrival; smooth and simple at the airport, great ride to CN. Our room was not ready at check in so we went to the pool bar to have a drink with Franklyn, after only being their 10 minutes the other Franklin at check in came to the pool and told us our room was ready, he took us to the room 1107 and it was spotless very refreshed and in excellent condition. We have NEVER had an issue with our rooms condition or cleanliness. The AC worked great, no leaks, that usually only happens if you leave your patio door open.

    Returnees dinner; This was absolutely outstanding food at Lychee was superb and great to see all our friends from the staff, we received hugs and kisses from staff members for about three days!!!!

    Restaurants; I must say we always enjoyed the food at CN but this trip everything at each restaurant was kicked up a notch it was outstanding, I myself was not pleased and posted it here after our last trip to CN in February with Otaheite, this trip it was amazing I actually made three reservations there!!!! The grill restaurant and fine dining at Heliconia there at night was also excellent, especially lobster night. I did not see those buzzing things at the grill for when your food was ready, they actually took your name and called you when it was done. Lychee was great little menu style since February which was all good and they have such fresh fish for their sushi platter!!
    Breakfast and lunch buffets were very good everything was fresh and I noticed not a lot was put out at a time but was replenished very quickly when low which is great, less waste and always fresh.
    I can not speak for the dinner buffets at Cassava Terrace as we always did ala carte the entire trip, but I am sure they were very good.

    Pools; They were all clean and awesome as usual, swim up bar with Franklyn, Melissa and Lincoln was great as usual
    The hot tubs were excellent, we love the big one at night behind the AN beach or the small very private one behind the dive pool. The dive pool is also one of our favorite during the day as we stop in for a cooling dip after walking the beach. By the way to the gentleman taking his written test for his dive certification test at the dive pool, sorry for the distraction we heard thru the grapevine that when you came to the pool to take the test Spike and I were in there for a dip and her swim attire(or lack of an upper part) was distracting, but I did learn you passed the test so congratulations maybe see you there next August!! LOL

    Catamaran; super as always

    Beach; superb, we did our four trips per day walking the beach(Spike her usual topless self) and meet up with all our local friends along the way, we actually went to Mayfield Falls and Percy's retreat with Andre (Longback the cigar cigarette guy HOT HOT HOT). He also took us one night to the Jungle for dancing on ladies night, what a blast.

    Massages also were excellent had a few extra with our $200 resort credit which we also used for some souvenirs to bring home.

    In closing I must say for all the traveling we have done over the years thru out Europe and the Caribbean (Anguilla, St Barts, St Martin, Bonaire, Curaco) Couples has really made such a lasting impression we are so happy to have discovered this resort and the staff are definitely like visiting family during your stay, they ARE the BEST.

    Doc and Spike
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    Couples Negril is the best!!! We have about 130 days to our 5th trip there.
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    You make me long for home!!! Totally agree with the food situation. We were there in June and pleasantly surprised by how awesome the food was...especially compared with our previous two trips. That hot tub behind the scuba pool is a hidden gem. Especially at night with all the stars in the sky. So funny about the scuba test.

    Thanks for sharing!!!!

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    Great review!
    Once again, it was such a treat meeting y'all!

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
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    Likewise here!!

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    Pete & Spike!!! How are you guys??? I thought of you often and hoped the hurricane issues had not hampered your stay!!! We have been a little out of touch, it has been a crazy past few months! Bur we are back on track and making plans for the first week in February '12 for CN. I know you guys were double checking your calendar for future trips... but what are the chances for 2/12????

    Miss you guys!

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    Hey guys how are you both? February is 50/50 August 2012 is definite. My daughter retruned toteaching and we are watching the little guy for her so if we did go in February it would have to be later when she is on her school break. Than again we have been known to do the unexpected so can't rule it out!!!!!

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