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    Default Only 3 more days!!

    til we're sitting on the beautiful beach at CN!!!! I have everything just about packed and ready to go!

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    Yay!! Congrats! I cant wait till I can start packing! We leave in 41 days! Have a great time!!!

    Couples Ocho Rios 2005/2006
    CSA 2009/2010/2011/
    2012 x2/2013 x2

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    OMG 3 days left???? Oh my it's almost here!!!!!! I'm excited for you!!! Have a great time!!!

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    us also but because of flight changes were flying in on the 19th stay elsewhere but will be in jamaica then on the 21 ill be on the couples resort cant wait fist timers here

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    I won't be worth a dime 3 days before we leave. I'll be so excited, I won't know what to do with myself! Have fun!!

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    We're 1st timers also. To Jamaica and Couples. On the 21st we'll be celebrating our 20th anniversary!

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    Hey! We will be there at the same time! We scuba dive so we will be underwater not on the beach! Kait and Glenn from Illinois

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    We scuba too, but we'll probably only dive 2 or 3 times. I'll be spending most my time on the beach!

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