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Thread: November 2009

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    Default November 2009

    I'll start this again...

    Don and Denise from Mill Creek, Wa
    Nov 8th - 19th
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    Don & Denise

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    jill & frank, nov. 4th-8th, bayonne, nj

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    Mickey and Glenda, South Carolina, Nov 14-21.....3rd trip and can't wait!!!!

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    Jamie and Christie, 11/15 - 11/22, Corpus Christi, TX

    See ya on the beach!
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    Jackie & Jim, Nov 8-14 Celebrating Jackie's B-Day on the 11th

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    Default Thanksgiving for us

    16 days until we are in CN. We will be returning November 24th through November 29th. We can not wait to get there and we can not wait to return.
    Teresa & tom

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    Nov 25 - Dec 2.

    We are both new to Couples, so it will be a test for a place to return to. We have done the European touring, Mexico, but I want a place to chill, maybe record some terrible golf scores (while blaming rental clubs), drink, relax and just expierence the ire' mentality.

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    Kenny & Sandy from NY - 11/17 to 11/24. Our 2nd trip to CN.
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    Kerry and Jen from Alberta, Canada. Our first time to Jamaica, looking forward to meeting some of you. Nov 14-24

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    Jason and Ann 11/27-12/4
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    Dave & June
    St. Louis, MO
    CN 11-15 to 11-23
    1st trip to CN 4th trip to Couples.

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    Default nov. 7-14 css

    Mike and Diane
    wis. nov 7-14
    8 times to Jamaica
    5 to former cti
    3 to css

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    we leave the uk on 9th nov anyone else from uk on here? cannot wait to arrive at cn have heard so much great stuff about it

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    Lori and Chuck from North Carolia, our first trip to Couples. We will be there 11/22-11/27

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    Default guys will love CN! There is a warning however: It is very addictive!! Wonderful place and wonderful people as well. You will also find that to be true on this message board. You will meet great friends here! Can't wait til November!!

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    November 5th -12th here, second trip!! Can't wait to be back
    Chad and Jenn

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    Brad&Faye from Kansas we will be there 11/12 thru 11/20.This is our 2nd time to CN.Will be celebrating our 30th anniversary.

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    Erin and Jimmy From Wisconsin - Nov 9/16 - Our 2nd time as CN

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    scjamaicagirl.......your right. We are both SO excited. This was something new and we are looking forward to making so many new friends. I have been hooked on the message board since I first started looking at Couples and even more since we made the reservations. I can't even begin to count the days as that would drive me nuts now.

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    Cleversole we are there the 14-21, but I promise we will leave a little fun for you two!! This message board is awesome but words can't even describe the feeling you will have the minute you step into that lobby. Actually for me it was when we took off at the airport. What part of NC are you? We are upstate SC, Pickens County...15 mintues from Greenville and Clemson....but BIG Gamecock fans. We have always flown from Atlanta but are doing Charlotte this time. Can't wait!
    Glenda & Mickey

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    scjamaicagirl we are near asheville, so we will be flying out of Charlotte as well. Everything I have seen and read assures me we made the right choice. I think it is about 4 1/2 months I said I can't count more than that or it makes me crazy. Never been anywhere out of the country, so there are a lot of exciting new firsts this year. Couples has me hooked and I haven't even been there yet. The pictures everyone puts on line look just like the ones the resorts post, which is very unusual, but all look so peaceful. I know we will miss you there this time.....but we WILL run into each other again there.

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    Sounds like us. The first time we went in 2003 neither of us had even been out of the country. We had never even been out of the south! haha Totally great experience for us. We had never flown either and I LOVE that now! Not sure if you have seen this or not but you can also go to you tube and type in couples negril and there are lots of videos that people have taken. There is one i think in 2007 of the swim up bar that is great. Have fun! Oh yeah......127 days away for us!!!
    Glenda & Mickey

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    Default November 8 -14

    looking forward to coming home for the 8th time, have been to all couples resorts but always come back to Negril
    can't wait to get into the AN hot tub late night

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    Default Jamaica Gang to Return Together

    So two years after we all visited CN together, we plan to return. The group will be going home during the week of November 14/15 to enjoy the many joys of CN! From Left to Right:
    Leah, Ryan, David, Damian, Karen, Rebecca, Kelly and Herb visiting from Pittsburgh, Baton Rouge and Chicago...

    Can't wait to meet everyone that week!

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    118 days left until comming home

    Jackie & Jim

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