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    Default Question regarding Friday Shipwreck Beach Party - CSA

    I am getting ready to book a trip to CSA (my first trip to Jamaica and an all-inclusive resort) and have a question regarding their Friday Shipwreck Beach Party.

    I see that all of the restaurants are closed on Friday, so I assume you must eat at the Beach party. My concern is whetehr or not there are vegetarian options available.

    Will someone who has been there please tell me if I will be able to eat something at the beach party?

    Thank you.

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    First off, I don't think all the restaurants are closed. Seems to me that in May of '10, we decided to forgo the beach party and went to Patois Patio instead.

    However, there will be plenty of veggie dishes available at the beach party... everything is served buffet style, and there is an unbelievable variety there... If you're veggie, you'll LOVE the Ital dishes!

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    Hi doccims -

    We've been to CSA many times, but have never taken in the Beach Party....I'm sure there will be veggie options available, as there are ALWAYS veggie options on EVERY menu....Please do not fret....and if you're just REALLY concerned, there are retaurant options available (Patois or, I believe - Feathers) on that night - we usually choose one of those....And FYI, if you DO choose not to dine at the Beach Party, you can still enjoy the entertainment, as that generally happens after the dinner has been served/eaten, so you can still enjoy the fire eaters, limbo walkers, etc. etc.

    Please don't fret - I'm really really sure that your time at CSA will be just terrific!!

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    Absolutely! There are always fresh veggies and salads , so many choices you will be amazed.

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    Yes, I am sure there are vegetarian options at the Shipwreck beach party. They always have vegetarian options available. I am not a vegetarian, but I remember reading a review from two vegetarians who were pleasantly surprised at how many options were available to them at this resort.
    You might be able to Search for their review in the Threads archive. Hope this helps!

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    No worries! Lots of choices at the Beach Party as long as you like seafood, although they also have vegetable dishes also. They do cater to all, so there should be something you will enjoy!

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    Thank you to everyone who replied. You have really put my mind at ease!

    gonegril: I looked through the restaurants again and saw that Feathers is open on Friday. Thanks.

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