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    I will be staying at Sans Souci the week of Thanksgiving 2011. The question that I have is about the restaurants. My husband does not like to wear a jacket but he will if the restaurant at San Souci that requires it has better food than the restaurants that do not require a man's jacket.. What is the difference between meal venues? Is there one?

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    no restaurants at CSS require a jacket... problem solved. Terrific food no matter where you eat, no worries. It's just more formal of a setting at Casanova, more intimate and quiet. Your other two options (other than ordering up room service) for evening meals are Bella Vista and Pallazina... just nice shorts and a polo type short sleeve shirt and nice sandals are fine for both of those. For Casanova just long pants, closed toe shoes/sandals and a short sleeve shirt with color (think nice hawaiian flowery shirt or short sleeve button up linen shirt) is required for the men. The food at Pallazina is just as good as Casanova but a different setting as I said, and same for Bella Vista... it's just a different setting, on the beach or right off the beach depending on where they sit you. Pallazina is open air, or you can sit inside if you want in the a/c.

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    No resturaunts require a jacket - just a collared shirt and long pants at Cassava. And yes the food is worth it.


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