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    Has anyone used the laundry facilities at the resorts? I want to take advantage of this but have several 100% cotton pants and tops and am afraid of shrinkage. Thanks

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    I bring Woolite and do my own right in the sink or tub..

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    I do the woolite thing also. They don't have washer/dryers for guests to use. I believe you have to pay to have something laundered.

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    We've used the laundry service at CSA on our past 2 trips. We stay for 10 days and work out every day, so midway through our trip, we have the laundry service pick up our workout gear. It really does lessen the amount of clothes that we have to bring. I've also had them launder dress shorts. The service is fantastic - pick up in the morning, and back in the room later that afternoon.

    For any delicates, I bring Woolite and wash in the sink (especially my swimsuits). Anything that is 100% cotton would be tricky, because they will want to put your clothes in the dryer. You might want to stick to Woolite for anything you are afraid will shrink.

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    Its offered, but its off property (you send it out). Your laundry might not be back in time for your departure. Consider packing the Woolite, a Tide-stick, or something similar, then take them into the shower with you., or wash in the sink.

    You might also consider packing fewer items and then purchase a few items at the gift shop, unless you're in a difficult size.

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    You could always get it done as Dry Clean instead of wash/dry. We've done both (dry clean or laundry) w/ some of my husbands shorts & they always turn out just fine. But........he puts everything at home in the dryer for the full cycle, so he may not be a good example !!

    Or, like siamese58 said, you could wash your own (they sell single packs of Tide for hand washing in Target's trial size section). Though, w/ cotton, that might be rather hard to wash & rinse, especially if you just get a room w/ a shower-only (no tub).


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    We used the laundry cleaning services at CN in July. We had a pair of my husbands nice shorts cleaned. It cost $2.50 and was back in our room within 24hrs. They did a great job! The shorts would have been permanently stained had we not sent them for cleaning. I wouldn't hesitate to use the service again.

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    I agree with handwashing.
    I use Amway liquid soap.

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