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    Just got home yesterday from CTI. It was our first trip to Jamaica. We arrived August 26th and left September 2nd. I always thought hearing the "welcome home" and "going home" about going to CTI sounded silly but now I totally understand why. Here is the scoop on everything we did:

    *Friday- arrived around 2:00 had a lovely greeting at the door. The staff was very helpful. Met with Latoya to work out our wedding details...super easy. Spent the rest of the day over in the pool with the swim up bar, beautiful views. Ate at the Verandah, great service and excellent food. Had an oceanview room and it was absolutely beautiful

    *Saturday- pretty much spent the day doing nothing. Laid on the beach, went kayaking, hung out in the pool, etc. Staff as always was amazing! Crazy how quick they get to know you and treat you like friends they've known for years. We ate room service for breakfast, excellent food. We ate at the pool grill for lunch a lot. If you want quick and easy as well as awesome food and a beautiful view thats the place to go. Ate at the Gala Buffet that night. Great mixture of food.

    *Sunday- Got up early to go to Dunns River Falls. You do not have to sign up for this they go almost every morning at 9am just meet in the lobby. It was nice but we could take it or leave it really. Pics are beautiful and it was cool to say we climbed a waterfall but I dont think i'd bother doing it again. Water was super cold so that was a downfall (not at the resort just the falls). It was a relatively quick excursion though so you still have plenty of your day left. Came back to the resort around 11:30 got some lunch and hung out on the beach. Went on the kayaking trip at 3...highly recommend it, it was beautiful! Ate at Bayside for dinner...excellent food if you like asian cooking.

    *Monday- Our wedding day We were going to be off on an excursion the following morning so we did our breakfast in bed that day. Hubby was sick so he didnt get a chance to touch his. Went and did our couples massages, could take them or leave them really. His really hurt his back (has a bad back anyway) and mine just wasnt rough enough. Relaxed on the beach then i showered at got my hair done at 1:30. I cant remember the girls name but she did an amazing job and thats saying something. I am a hairstylist and have hated every updo I have ever gotten and she nailed exactly what I wanted. Couldnt have been more perfect. Rained its butt off but there was a break in it long enough to do our ceremony. Had to do cake and stuff in Bayside (thanks Latoya!) Nicholas was our photographer and WOW our pics are beautiful. Went to the beach party that night but it was in the Patio restaurant since it was rainy. Awesome food and entertainment!

    *Tuesday- Got up early to go to Dolphin Cove. Ate breakfast at the patio, good as always. Dolphin cove was amazing! I highly recommend it. We saw a shark show, swam with the dolphins, held a stingray and snorkeled with them, went glass bottom kayaking, held parrots, etc. Tons and tons to do there. I cant wait to do it again. Again, hung out on the beach for most the day. Ate at the Patio. I believe this is one of the nights they did a menu. Excellent food! Always good entertainment as well.

    *Wednesday- Got up early again to go deep sea fishing. Boat left out of the Sandals did that make us glad we stayed at couples...Sandals is wayyy too big. Stayed out for 4 hours. Had 3 or 4 strikes and caught a 95" 160 pound blue marlin. Captain and mate were awesome. We were provided sandwiches and drinks on the boat as well. Water was semi rough but fun Got back and everyone at the resort wanted to see the pic of the fish. Hubby got called Mr. Marlin for the rest of the week lol. Spent the rest of the day on the beach again. Ate at the Verandah that night. Love it there

    *Thursday- I got room service for breakfast, hubby was learning to scuba dive over at the pool. Went out on the boat with him just to watch but I didnt want to dive. TO ANYONE WITH A MEDICAL ISSUE THAT WISHES TO DIVE GO TO THE FAQ SECTION OF THIS PAGE AND PRINT THE MEDICAL QUESTION FORM HAVE YOUR DOCTOR SIGN IT AND TAKE IT WITH YOU. We had a huge issue over this. My husband had back surgery and we didnt know about this form, he started the process of faxing it, etc on wednesday evening it was still an issue. The fax wouldnt come all the way through from the doctors office. 10 different staff members with 10 different answers made it very frustrating. They mixed us up with another couple told us it was in our room, a staff member had it, they didnt have it, etc. It was a huge misunderstanding but was extremely frustrating at the time being as he had to go Thursday in order to be able to fly Friday. The staff handled this with a lot of class, the manager (not sure of her name) not so much. She came to our room to speak with us. Knocked on the door talking on her cell phone. Then came in, 3 times my husband was mid sentence and she answered her phone. After she left I walked down and told her I wanted the number to someone higher than her and she told me to give her an hour. I sat in a chair in the lobby where she couldnt see me and she proceeded to sit there and talk about us to other staff members for 20 minutes. After the ordeal was figured out, hours later I might add, she was STILL talking about us to staff members. Not my idea of a manager AT ALL but definitely nothing that would cause us not to come back. That was the only day we ever saw the manager. On a day to day basis you just see the bartenders and waiters/ waitresses. Absolutely love them all! They're like family to us now. Ordered room service that night to just relax in our room and pack since it was our last night. Food was excellent!

    *Friday was a sad day Said bye to as many staff members as we could, put our bags outside our door, got some breakfast, and left for the airport. That driver was a little crazy but hey its Jamaica lol. Security lines were long so im glad the resort allowed so much time before our flight.

    Overall I dont have a bad thing to say about the resort. We had the time of our lives, our wedding was perfect, and we are already looking into booking for our one year. There are one or two of the other couples resorts we'd like to see eventually but right now tower isle has our hearts. Its big enough that you are never bored, but small enough to where it is very personal and everyone knows you and we just love that. If anyone has any questions i'd be happy to answer them. If you have never been to CTI be prepared to fall in love with it, we definitely did Two bartenders in particular, Teneshia and Antoinette were amazing. Definitely some of our favorites!

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    sunday meant to say the snorkeling trip***

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    i feel your pain.... always hard to leave jamaica, especially a place like couples/cti!

    we watched your wedding from the beach ( you had the beach ceremony correct?)... i was the one celebrating my bday the same day (the red head )

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    Congratulations and so glad you had an ausome holiday.

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    Sounds like you had a great trip, wedding and honeymoon and congrats to you both!! We are getting married 12/12/12 at CSA but we have booked CTI for the prewedding trip from 12/2/12 to 12/9/12. Figured if we were going to be in Jamaica then we might as well see it all while we're there!! Cant wait but we still have a long wait, gosh I think we still have 15 months! OUCH! Ha! Thanks for your review and look forward to going!

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    no we were over next to the swim up bar

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    It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Would you please tell me how much your fishing trip cost, how many other people were on the boat with you and what was the name of the boat? My husband fished last week when we were at Couples Negril (caught 2 black fin tuna.) Next year we are back at CTI and I am sure he would like to fish there too!!

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    the boats name was Sabrina and it was $225 a person. There is supposed to be a minimum of 4 max of 8 but the other couple they had scheduled at the same time cancelled at the last minute so it was just us which was awesome What about yours? We are talking about going to swept away at some point

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    My husband hired the boat while we were floating in the water. The boat was driving by and my husband stopped it and spoke to the captain. It was a one person boat. My husband hired a different boat owned by Mandela on the beach at CN 2 years ago and did not catch any fish. He had a great time. He gave the 2 tuna to the captain to feed his family.

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