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    Default Old Romance Rewards program.


    We were members of the Couples rewards program in 2003 having stayed for 11 days during that year. I can't find my information about this program, but would love to rejoin as we will now be returning each year in the future (kids are out of the house). Is there an email or contact to find out if my old information is still in the system? Not looking for any reward redemption, but just don't want to create another account if I don't have to. Also would we still be considered "returning guests"? Thanks for any info any can give.

    I tried to search old threads but could not find out this info.

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    The program is still open, but has changed significantly since '03. You can find information about it on the main website.

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    Here's a link for you.
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    Unless you signed up either in 05 or 07, I can't remember which, you've probably lost your previous status.

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    Couples has the best rewards program I have ever seen so this is by no means a complaint, but be sure you tell them to credit your stay and check the website when you get back home. We didn't get the credit for our last stay and I didn't notice until booking the next trip which was too late. Kind of a bummer as it dropped us back one level from where we would be. Guess I need to book some more stays to get back up to the next level!

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