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    Default At csa leaving tomorrow,- - - hopefully

    We are supposed to leave on 9/4/2011 and fly into new orleans. Hopefully the storm in the gulf of mexico will delay our flight, and we will get to stay longer here at csa. We are saying our prayers that the weather worsens back home and we get to spend another day or two in paradise

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    Wow, maybe it all depends on your perspective but that seems like an awful thing to say. People are in that weather praying that it gets better so they don't lose their homes and lives.

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    I get your point but I would not wish bad weather on anyone. Not good karma.

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    agree on the karma... not good to even THINK of wishing worse on others just so you can stay in Jamaica, especially with people seriously going through awful ordeals with the current conditions. I do get your point, but maybe you didn't word that too well.

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    When we were at CSA last winter there was a giant snow storm out east and jet blue and CSA worked with some guests to keep them an extra few days so they would not be stranded at the airport. We knew about this from talking to a couple who was impacted. They were glad to be staying the extra days even in a down-graded room but I don't think they wished for the bad weather.

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    Poor BRAWD is never going to want to post here again....I believe you were joking, and I also believe you wouldn't wish ill on anyone to stay a few days longer in Jamaica....

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonegril View Post
    Poor BRAWD is never going to want to post here again....I believe you were joking, and I also believe you wouldn't wish ill on anyone to stay a few days longer in Jamaica....
    You never know. The last two times we were at CSA there was bad weather somewhere causing delays and extended stays. In April 2010 it was the volcano and in Oct 2010 it was Nicole. One lady was talking about how awesome it was that the hurricane came through because they got to stay longer. She kept going on and on about how great it was and how she had prayed the weather would be worse to delay them even more. She said this while standing within earshot of many employees. That must have been pretty awesome to hear after seeing your country pounded by rain that caused huge mudslides, the loss of homes, businesses and animals, not mention the death of several people. Sometimes people just don't think about how these things impact other people.

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    Default Depends on when you are informed

    We were at Couples Tower Isle for Xmas 2009 & New Years Eve. Our flight was cancelled due to a malfunction with the plane. We did not get to stay another night at CTI because we were already at the airport & had checked out. We'd booked through Apple vacations so they put the entire group of people on that flight at a resort...BUT, it was not a Couples...didn't we wish. It was an all inclusive in Montego Bay that seemed like the worst incomparison to having come from a Couples

    Another time, Our flight was delayed out of Jamaica & we had not yet already left the resort. So, we got a call from our Apple rep stating that our flight was moved to the next day and our room was compted an extra night. That was nice because we were not expecting an extra day. However, it too was not a Couples.

    Heck, who knows by the time you read this you could already be home.

    One love

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