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    Default Two weeks, Two destinations

    I am crazy excited about honeymooning in Jamaica in December. 111 days to go! We will stay in Montego Bay the first week and at CSA the second week. So, I am trying to split up excursions so we can limit the long drives as much as possible. We may not do everything on our list, but I don't want to get to Negril the second week and, say, decide to visit Dunn River. So, I am looking for some help on planning.

    Here is what I have so far:

    Montego Bay — zipline, dunn river, Glistening Waters, Black River

    Negrgil — Appleton rum factory, rasta village, Royal Palms animal sanctuary, Pelican Bar, YS falls, night snorkel

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    if this is your first tiem to negril.. i would strongly suggest you relax and enjoy the vibe which is negril. Negril is much different from mo bay. Negril is the capital of causal, relaxing and letting the day come to you.
    The sights and soudns of long bay and the west end will provide more memories then your minds eye can remember.
    Spent a days in the cliffs kick around the mom and pop bars and resturants/shops
    Catch some live reggea at night at alfreds 14 days is a long time however with travel between the resorts and your arrival /departure time will fly by .. so enjoy negril for what it is...
    sit listen watch .... enjoy ..... and looking at your to do list by time you get to csa you may need that down time lol... enjoy

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    You should do Black River and Pelican Bar together along with YS Falls. I'm not sure if it matters which one you do it at.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I'm not positive but I think you can do Dunn's river and Glisening Waters on the same day that way you don't havet to make the 2 hour bus ride to Ocho Rios twice. You might also check out the bamboo rafts along the Martha Brae river while you are in MoBay. As Coloradojuli suggested, do Black River, Pelican Bar and YS all on one tour. You might be able to squeeze the Appleton tour in that day too but it will be a long day! I know how you feel about not wanting to miss anything while you are in Jamaica but you need to be sure you set aside plenty of days to just lay around and relax. Trust me you will need it after the wedding!

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    That is a pretty full itinerary!!!! Lots of driving time involved.

    The Pelican Bar and YS Falls we did like Coloradojuli said along with the Black River all in one day..... We really enjoyed The Pelican Bar!!!!

    If you are looking for something closer in Negril, I would suggest Rick's Cafe is a must do once for sure!

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    Pixel: glistening waters is an excellent choice! The water will amaze you! My husband is a genetic engineer so this excursion was right up his alley...we even filled an empty coke bottle up with some of the water...worked for a few days! Have a wonderful honeymoon!
    Erin N Steve (always Erin)

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