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    Default CSA & CN Question

    I feel like I'm asking about 3,000 questions about these two places, but I want to make the right decision, and it seems as though many of you have stayed at both resorts, so here goes:

    Which room types are the best at each resort? By best I mean location, newness etc.

    Also, which resort has the better pool situation? Looking online, I'd guess Negril, but it's hard to tell with the supplied photos. I'd trust experience of other people more!

    Does one resort have more hottubs than the other?

    Thanks, in advance, again for all the help!

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    All of the rooms at CN are close. The resort is compact and nothing is far from anything.

    At CN the resort is centered around the pool and it is a HUGE pool. Has plenty of room for a game of volleyball to be going on and still allow people to lounge on their floaties, plus there is the swim up bar and waterfall, which is a blast to 'swim' over.

    CN has 4 hot tubs. One of which is on the nude beach, 2 attached to the main swimming pool and the other one by the dive shack.

    I've only done CSA on a Trading Spaces day, so I don't really know much about the rooms.

    There are a couple pools at CSA, all of which are not as large as the one at CN. There is a pool fashioned after the one at CN, but it isn't nearly as large.

    Sorry, but I can't answer the question about hot tubs at CSA. I was on the beach and in the swim up bar most of the time we were there, but I do know that there is a HUGE hot tub connected to the swim up pool.
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    Actually, there are two hot tubs at the big pool by the GreatHouse facility at SweptAway. There is another rather large tub near the middle of the resort in the "new" part of the resort; another near the north end of the property near the dive shop; one over near the tennis courts at the sports complex; and finally, the huge "Buddha" pool, which isn't really a hot tub, but very comfortable, also at the spa.

    As for the rooms, I can't comment at all on CN, but at SweptAway, there are several classifications. In the older section of the resort, there are the 3-4 suite bungalows (Beachfront and Atrium Suites) and the 8 unit Garden(view?) Suites. In the newer section, there are three classification of 12-unit blocks and the Great House suites, of which (I think) there are to types. Feel free to browse the part of this website that specializes in these resorts for more detailed descriptions of these accomodations (see the top of this page).

    Good luck!

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    I strongly suggest that you view as many pictures as you can on the resorts to help you get a good idea what the rooms and resorts are like.

    In 2006 CSA was just completing some aditions and renovations. It was at this time that they added a swim up bar and hot tubs to the pool as well as other items to expand the resort. The swim up bar has been a feature at CN that is its focal point and the center of activity. As such it has the ability to creat its own atmosphere with the people.

    CN has 4 hot tubs. One near the dive pool, one on each end of the main pool and one on the nude beach.

    Both CSA and CN are located in Negril. CSA was originally called Swepted Away prior to it coming into the Couples Family. CN is the only resort to date built from ground up under the Couples name.

    Which one is best? I hate that question because each resort is unique in its own way and can offer you a different experience. Toss a coin for the decision.

    Need pictures? Drop RDYJMJM@YAHOO.COM an email and I'll load you up.

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    CSA has very classic rooms. Lots of wood and white linens. The new section of CSA would have the newest rooms and the most new of those would be the Great House Verandah Suites. The verandahs are really nice and we spent a lot of time on ours. CSA has 4 hot tubs. Two of them are on either side of the swim up pool, one is in the center of the resort and I believe there is one over at the sports complex. From everything I have read, CN is more compact and the activity revolves around the swim up bar. CSA is much more spread out. There are restaurants at either end of the resort and bars in between. Another main difference is that CN is on Bloody Bay and even though you can walk the beach, you cannot walk as far as at CSA. Also, you can walk to Margaritaville from CSA, but not CN. Your wandering capacity is at it's best at CSA. I think either of these resorts will be awesome. You need to decide what is most important to you and see which of these two fabulous resorts fits the bill. Good luck. We loved CSA and are going back next year. CSA ROCKS!!!

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    Thank you so much for all the detailed information. I know I can look on the individual resort pages to find pictures and other information, but I find it better to ask people what they prefer since you all have nothing to gain by me chosing a Couples resort! The website is a sales tool, after all...

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