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    I have a few questions before we leave. First one, I'm having trouble deciding on what gifts to bring for the staff. I know this is our third time going but I feel weird giving the staff chocolates and school supplies. Does anyone have any ideas. The staff works so hard to make our stay special and I would like to give them something they would like. I thought about buying souvenirs from where live but I can't decide. I know the best way to show appreciation is through the compliment card at check out, which we do. Any ideas is much appreciated.

    Second question, if I pre-registered for our Romance Rewards is our room going to be selected before we get there? I wanted to try to request a certain building with our room type at check in.

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    We leave chocolates and small beauty items (lotions, perfume, sprays) for the housekeeping staff (along with a thank you note). We have also brought t-shirts and ball caps for the guys.

    The Pre-Check In for the Romance Rewards doesn't have anything to do with your room. It's not a resort check-in. It's only a check-in for your Romance Rewards gifts, so they will know ahead of time what you should receive (i.e. shirt size) so they can have it ready. Any room requests will still be handled at the actual resort check-in.

    Have a great trip!
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    We always bring the little packs of M&Ms, and small bottles of Bath and Body lotions. The guys, we always take ball caps from where we live. Last time we took 5 ball caps for all the guys at the front. Kirk, Byron, Ainsworth, Ev. (can't think of how to spell his name LOL) Anything you bring is appreciated.

    I do, also, when leaving, leave any over the counter medicines that I bring with me.

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    Thanks for the responses. I'm going to bring some bath and body lotions and some t-shirts and hats. Thanks again for the advice.

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    Leave any paperback books behind as well.

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    I would email or call with your room request. I know everyone says they assign them right when you are checking in, but I know our room was already assigned when I walked up to the desk. We had our TA put the request in with the reservation. I am a planner and would make sure someone knows your request ahead of time. And just remember, it is just a request, no guarantees. Have a blast! I'm so jealous.

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