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    Default Question about beach at SA...

    Since it's not a private beach, do you get a lot of vendors coming up to trying to sell their "stuff" all day? If so, is it something that's a turn off or would keep you from booking at SA?

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    Vendors will be walking the beach but will not bother you. You will hear them advertising their wares but unless you initiate contact with them, you will be left alone. We've been there the last 4 years and never had any problems with the vendors on the beach or those on the resort.

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    Coupes security will not alllow them to come onto the Couples property. They must stay along the water's edge as do people from other resorts walking by. If you want to buy something, you gennerally have to go out to them. They add a very nice local flavor to the resorts (CSA and CN). And there really aren't that many of them anyway. We love the local musicans walking by and always take a few $2 bills for tips. You ussually have to ask them to play for you as we've seen Couples security shoo them away several times if they just start playing.
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    I like to tell this story... and its a true one.

    We try to get to SweptAway every 12-18 months. Its amazing how some people remember your face from year to year, and many of those folks will find their way onto a resort staff. But not this particular gentleman.

    I'm an early riser. I really look forward to that first morning on resort; I'll get up about 6 am, grab my in-room coffee mug, and head over to the Palms for a carafe of coffee. I'll settle on the beach and chat with some of the watersports guys as they groom the sand. Then I'll take a cup of coffee and wander up and down that gorgeous stretch of SweptAway's beach.

    Without fail, he'll show up... every year on that first morning. He's an early riser, too, and watches for his marks; for some reason, every year on that first morning, he'll see me as his first mark of that Sunday morning as I approach the south-most end of the resort.

    And every year on that first Sunday morning he'll ask me to walk along with him to the little shack at the bar just down the way and offer me a bag of his finest... and every year I tell him, with my happiest smile and most respectful voice, "No thank you sir... I'm already plenty high on this coffee!"

    Last year, I even asked him if he remembered me from my previous visit... and he had to admit that he did not. But I remember him. But you know what? He remembers me for the rest of our stay; we exchange good mornings and go about our day... me, the business of enjoying my vacation, and he, the business of finding his next mark. He knows that I'm not it.

    Thus goes the ebb and tide of my relationship with this gentleman; I'm just trying to enjoy my vacation, and he's just trying to survive.

    This is probably the most dangerous man I meet on those mornings when there are perhaps half a dozen people on the beach... me, a few joggers, the security guards, and the vendor. The rest of the day, there'll be Elvis (or one of his minions) for jet ski and parasail, the cigarette guy (ciiiiiiiiiiiigarettes!), a few musicians (my favorites!), the shell salesman, the sketch artist, the bead lady, that kind of thing. They can show their wares, they can quietly announce them, but they MAY not approach without first being flagged down by a guest. Then they must move along, or security will usher them along.

    In this way, the beach vendors never become a problem, as long as you're between the boundaries of the resort. Wander to the north, and it still won't be a problem... they are even more stringent on the vendors there... its a family joint, after all.

    Wander to the south, and you're on your own. You'll need to be firm and friendly, but it can be a bit annoying. If you see something you want to buy (clothing, carvings, etc.) be prepared to dance... be prepared to negotiate, and to walk away. If you choose to do the latter, you may be followed with the vendor offering one last counter-offer. At this point, you should either return to bargain, or just walk away. They won't waste any more of THEIR time; there are lots of folks on the beach.

    So... if you don't want to deal with vendors, you don't have to. Simply do not acknowledge them, or firmly tell them "no", and they'll move on.


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    We love the Vendors at CSA, dosent feel like we are home untill I hear: Cccccciiiiiiiggggggaaaaaaarrrrrreeeeettttttttessss ssssss. Stop and talk to them, you might make a friend. And if your not interested they wont bother.

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    Oh, they'll initiate contact...
    Just be firm and polite when you tell them you are not interested!
    They appreciate this and move on
    Often very respectfully, ie: "No problem, we're still friends" or "Nice hat"
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    Further to that; I recommend you book Couples Negril if you think the vendors will truly bother you.
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    The vendors have to stay on the public part of the beach, which is near the water's edge. They are not allowed on resort property.

    It's a lot of fun to leave the resort and talk to the vendors. I often buy from them, and respect the fact that most are OK with a simple "no thanks" when I'm not interested.

    No worries - if you don't want to be bothered by them, just stay on the resort property.

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    IMHO the vendors add to the beach, they stop it being a sterile place, they are fine & don't overstep the mark. If you say no thanks they will not bother you

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    I have to agree with most of the others - the vendors add something special to the experience. We went to CSS one year and it just wasn't the same without the venodors walking the beach. It was a pleasant reminder last year when we returned to CN and heard our first "Ciiiiigggaarreeetts" that first morning! We love laying back in our chairs and listening to the musicians as they sing and play their way up and down the beach. We usually wait a day or two and then when we hear our favorites coming our way, we pull out a little cash and have our own live concert. If you talk to them they will approach you and try to make a living, just say no and they will walk away or change the subject and just carry on a "normal" conversation with you - really....NO WORRIES!!

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