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    My wife and I are going to Jamaica next month. We would like some help picking a resort. We are 35 and 36 and are looking for a resort where the beach is great. We like to walk on the beach, and like to tan nude. Could someone help us pick the best couples resort for us, keep in mind we love the beach.

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    I'd say you want Couples Negril. Best beach and au natural section as well.

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    Couples Negril.

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    Sounds like Couples Negril is your best bet. Great a/n beach and able to take long beach walks (with clothes on, unfortunately). CSS & CTI don't have long beach areas and CSA doesn't have a nude beach.

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    Well the walking beach I would say is at CSA, but there is no A/N place at CSA. So, I would say CN sounds just like what you are looking for. Make sure to sign up for Romance Rewards before you go and you can do a Trading Spaces and go check out CSA for a day. It's beautiful. CN is too!

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    What other resort would you consider other then a couples resort for what we want?

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    We are 36 and 34 and this Nov will be our 3rd trip to CN. For what you get with Couples all-inclusive, meaning: complimentary bar at the airport; transportation to and from the resort; all food and drink (much better food than most all-inclusives); breakfast of fresh fruits, breads & juices brought to your room every morning (if you don't want to head to the buffet); all the activities (not just "non-motorized watersports"), including scuba, waterskiing, snorkeling & sunset cat cruise; yoga & other fitness classes; tennis, golf, basketball; beautiful beach (including AN); in-room mini-bar; lobster night, beach party night, and repeaters dinners; awesome staff & atmosphere; why would you want to go anywhere else? We are going for our 10th anniversary this year, and, as divers, I looked at Grand Cayman, Belize, Honduras, Bonaire, etc. And as I was about to book a trip to Cayman (even though I've been there before and the diving was phenomenal), I couldn't bring myself to do it, not just because of Jamaica itself, but because of Couples. Once you go there, you won't ever want to go anywhere else. Just read what others have written that have been to other resorts in Jamaica, there really is no comparison.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mywifeandi View Post
    What other resort would you consider other then a couples resort for what we want?
    Keeping in mind this is a Couples owned and moderated board, we can't answer that question for you. But from personal research, in Jamaica, you won't find much that includes AN sunbathing.

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    thanks everyone we are booked for couples negril for september for our 12 year anniversary. Could you tell me if I can get a dinner on the beach the night of our anniversary.

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    Yes you can. See the front desk when you check in. Congrats on your anniversary, My wife and I just got back from CN celebrating our 20th. We were there from Aug 12th-20th. Was our second trip to CN and are now considering spending Christmas there in 2 years. Search youtube for some videos, there are some during christmas time and looks great. Have a great trip, I know you both will enjoy it. Best there is.

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    We were at CN last year and want to go back again this year. We want to experiance CSS as well this time. Perhaps 4 days at CSS and then 6 at CN.
    How do we go about booking this?

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    As far as getting dinner on the beach, or how to book, my best advice is to check out the rest of this site!! I got 99% of my information from this website before our first trip this past March. What you can't find on the rest of the site, the MB is excellent. There is also a 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of each page that you can ask the Resort people directly... No Problem, Mon!!!! Enjoy!!

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    Just returned from CTI and LOVED it.
    The beach is small, but the proximity of rooms to the waters edge made up for it in our opinion.

    There is also the All Natural island that the other resorts don't have. We visited the island several times and it was very nice.

    CTI was fantastic!!
    Weddingmoon @ CTI August 2011
    Planning our return Home!

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