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    Default Things to do at CTI during a Trading Places day

    Hi, my wife and I are going to CSS for the last two weeks of January '12. I've been reading a lot of reviews and posts on this board regarding Trading Places. It's something we plan to do however I've read more than a few times that people are asking for an early shuttle back. I'm guessing these may be a case of home is where the heart is and I'm sure that CTI is a beautiful location. So, what are some of the must does to check out while we are there? We are looking at this as kind of a mini excursion and would like to fill up the day. Thanks for any responses.


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    1)Shop at the gift shop that at the front entrance of the resort. Their prices are very reasonable and lots of great gift ideas.
    2) Go to the Veggie Bar and order some sweet potato fries with smoked marlin dip....mmmmm
    3) If you are into nude sunbathing, take the boat shuttle to the Island.
    4) Roam around and get to know the resort. There are lots of beach chairs to lounge around on.
    5) Try the quiet pool and then saunter over to the swim up pool as well.
    6)The staff and fellow guests are so friendly. You'll find it easy to strike up a conversation and meet people from all over the world. Or if you want to keep to yourselves that's no problem as well.

    Enjoy your vacation in paradise!

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    Eat, drink, and go to the Island.

    As for others taking a cab back early, we have the same thing when we have gone to CSS. CSS and CTI are not the same, it all about what you are looking for. Try CTI, you may like it better than CSS, if not it is only $20 to go back to CSS early.
    Irie Mon

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    Thanks for the advice. We are looking forward to our first Couples experience and really appreciate the opportunity to check out CTI. I know a day pass at most resorts is around $100 pp so to have it included is pretty cool. Thanks again.

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    Do what is posted, but also if possible walk into the Piano Bar and check out the photos. Sit in the lobby and look out over the ocean to the island and enjoy the ocean breezes. Walk out to Bayside, which will be closed while you are there and look back at the resort. Even though you can't get services, go to the spa and sit by the Buddha pool or in the Buddha pool. Walk around the back of the villas and see the vegetable and herb garden (oh you will also see the water treatment plant) and Mr. Henry's Orchid Garden "green house". This is by the house behind the Building 5.

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    That's Gold Vicky! I'm bookmarking your reply.

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